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Numeri 17

1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen dicens:1 Yahweh then spoke to Moses and said,
2 “ Praecipe Eleazaro filio Aaron sacerdoti, ut tollat turibula, quae iacent in incendio, et ignem huc illucque dispergat, quoniam sanctificata sunt2 'Tel Eleazar son of Aaron the priest to pick the censers out of the smouldering remains and scatterthe fire from them away from here,
3 in mortibus peccatorum; producatque ea in laminas et affigat altari, eo quod attulerunt ea Domino, et sanctificata sunt, ut sint pro signo filiis Israel ”.3 for these sinful censers have become sanctified at the price of human lives. Since they were broughtbefore Yahweh and thus became consecrated, they must be hammered into sheets to cover the altar. They willbe an object-lesson to the Israelites.'
4 Tulit ergo Eleazar sacerdos turibula aenea, in quibus obtulerant hi, quos incendium devoravit, et produxit ea in laminas affigens altari,4 The priest Eleazar took the bronze censers which had been carried by the men destroyed by the fire.They were hammered into sheets to cover the altar.
5 ut haberent postea filii Israel, quibus commonerentur, ne quis accedat alienigena et, qui non est de semine Aaron, ad offerendum incensum Domino, ne patiatur sicut passus est Core et omnis congregatio eius, loquente Domino ad Moysen.
5 They are a reminder to the Israelites that no unauthorised person, no one not of Aaron's line, mayapproach and offer incense before Yahweh, on pain of suffering the fate of Korah and his party, as Yahweh hadsaid through Moses.
6 Murmuravit autem omnis congregatio filiorum Israel sequenti die contra Moysen et Aaron dicens: “ Vos interfecistis populum Domini ”.6 On the following day, the whole community of Israelites were muttering against Moses and Aaron andsaying, 'You are responsible for killing Yahweh's people!'
7 Cumque oriretur seditio contra Moysen et Aaron, converterunt se ad tabernaculum conventus; quod operuit nubes, et apparuit gloria Domini.7 Now, as the community was banding together against Moses and Aaron, they turned towards theTent of Meeting, and there was the cloud covering it, and the glory of Yahweh appeared.
8 Moyses et Aaron venerunt ante tabernaculum conventus.8 Moses and Aaron then went to the front of the Tent of Meeting.
9 Dixitque Dominus ad Moysen:9 Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
10 “ Recedite de medio congregationis huius, nam extemplo delebo eos ”. Et ceciderunt in faciem suam.10 'Get away from this community. I am going to destroy them here and now.' They threw themselveson their faces.
11 Dixit Moyses ad Aaron: “ Tolle turibulum et, hausto igne de altari, mitte incensum desuper pergens cito ad populum, ut expies pro eis; iam enim egressa est ira a Domino, et plaga desaevit ”.11 Moses then said to Aaron, 'Take a censer, put fire in it from the altar, place incense on it and hurryto the community to perform the rite of expiation for them: for retribution has come from Yahweh, plague hasbroken out.'
12 Quod cum fecisset Aaron et cucurrisset ad mediam congregationem, quam iam vastabat plaga, obtulit thymiama et expiavit pro populo;12 Aaron took it as Moses said and ran into the middle of the community, but plague had alreadybroken out among the people. He put in the incense and performed the rite of expiation for the people.
13 et stetit inter mortuos ac viventes, et plaga cessavit.13 Then he stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.
14 Fuerunt autem, qui percussi sunt, quattuordecim milia hominum et septingenti, absque his, qui perierant in seditione Core.14 There were fourteen thousand seven hundred victims of the plague, apart from those who diedbecause of Korah.
15 Reversusque est Aaron ad Moysen ad ostium tabernaculi conventus, postquam quievit interitus.
15 Aaron then went back to Moses at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting; the plague had been halted.
16 Et locutus est Dominus ad Moysen dicens:16 Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
17 “ Loquere ad filios Israel et accipe ab eis virgas singulas per cognationes suas, a cunctis principibus tribuum virgas duodecim, et uniuscuiusque nomen superscribes virgae suae.17 'Tel the Israelites to give you a branch for each of their families, one for each leader of each family:twelve branches. Write the name of each on his branch;
18 Nomen autem Aaron scribes in virga Levi, et una virga cunctas seorsum familias continebit.18 and on the branch of Levi write Aaron's name, since the head of the Levite families must have abranch too.
19 Ponesque eas in tabernaculo conventus coram testimonio, ubi conveniam cum vobis.19 You wil then put them inside the Tent of Meeting in front of the Testimony, where I make myselfknown to you.
20 Quem ex his elegero, germinabit virga eius; et cohibebo a me querimonias filiorum Israel, quibus contra vos murmurant ”.
20 The man whose branch sprouts will be the one I have chosen; this is how I shal put an end to themutterings of the Israelites about you.'
21 Locutusque est Moyses ad filios Israel, et dederunt ei omnes principes virgas per singulas tribus; fueruntque virgae duodecim, et virga Aaron in medio earum.21 Moses spoke to the Israelites, and al their leaders gave him one branch each, twelve branches in alfor their families; Aaron's branch was among them.
22 Quas cum posuisset Moyses coram Domino in tabernaculo testimonii,22 Moses placed them before Yahweh in the Tent of the Testimony.
23 sequenti die regressus invenit germinasse virgam Aaron in domo Levi; et turgentibus gemmis eruperant flores, qui, foliis dilatatis, in amygdalas deformati sunt.23 On the fol owing day Moses went to the Tent of the Testimony and there, already sprouting, wasAaron's branch, representing the House of Levi; buds had formed, flowers had bloomed and almonds hadalready ripened.
24 Protulit ergo Moyses omnes virgas de conspectu Domini ad cunctos filios Israel; videruntque et receperunt singuli virgas suas.
24 Moses then brought out all the branches from before Yahweh to al the Israelites; they examinedthem and each one took back his own branch.
25 Dixitque Dominus ad Moysen: “ Refer virgam Aaron coram testimonio, ut servetur ibi in signum rebellium filiorum Israel, et quiescant querelae eorum a me, ne moriantur ”.25 Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Put Aaron's branch back in front of the Testimony, where it wil have itsritual place as a warning to the rebel ious; thus you will rid me of their muttering for good, without their incurringdeath.'
26 Fecitque Moyses, sicut praeceperat Dominus.
26 Moses did as Yahweh had ordered. That is what he did.
27 Dixerunt autem filii Israel ad Moysen: “ Ecce consumpti sumus, perimus, omnes perimus!27 The Israelites then said to Moses, 'We are lost! We are dead men! We are al dead men!
28 Quicumque accedit ad habitaculum Domini, moritur. Num usque ad internecionem cuncti delendi sumus? ”.
28 Anyone who approaches Yahweh's Dwel ing with an offering wil die. Are we to be doomed to thelast man?'