1Make your appeal then. Wil you find an answer? To which of the holy ones wil you turn? 2Resentment kil s the senseless, and anger brings death to the fool. 3I have seen the senseless taking root, when a curse fel suddenly on his house. 4His children are deprived of prop and stay, ruined at the gate, and no one to defend them; 5their harvest goes to feed the hungry, God snatches it from their mouths, and covetous people thirst fortheir possessions. 6No, misery does not grow out of the soil, nor sorrow spring from the ground. 7It is people who breed trouble for themselves as surely as eagles fly to the height. 8If I were you, I should appeal to God and lay my case before him. 9His works are great, past al reckoning, marvels beyond al counting. 10He sends down rain to the earth, pours down water on the fields. 11If his wil is to raise up the downcast, or exalt the afflicted to the heights of prosperity, 12he frustrates the plans of the artful so that they cannot succeed in their intrigues. 13He traps the crafty in the snare of their own trickery, throws the plans of the cunning into disarray. 14In daylight they come up against darkness, and grope their way as if noon were night. 15He rescues the bankrupt from their jaws, and the needy from the grasp of the mighty. 16Hope springs afresh for the weak, and wickedness must shut its mouth. 17Blessed are those whom God corrects! Do not then scorn the lesson of Shaddai! 18For he who wounds is he who soothes the sore, and the hand that hurts is the hand that heals. 19Six times he wil deliver you from sorrow, and the seventh time, evil wil not touch you. 20In time of famine, he wil save you from death, and in wartime from the stroke of the sword. 21You will be safe from the lash of the tongue, unafraid at the approach of the despoiler. 22You will laugh at drought and frost, and have no fear of the beasts of the earth. 23You will have a pact with the stones of the field, and live in amity with wild beasts. 24You will know that your tent is secure, and your sheepfold unharmed when you inspect it. 25You will see your descendants multiply, your offspring grow like the grass in the fields. 26At a ripe age you wil go to the grave, like a wheatsheaf stacked in due season. 27Al this we have observed and it is so! Heed it, you wil be the wiser for it!
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