1[For the choirmaster Psalm Of David] Rescue me, Yahweh, from evil men, protect me from violentmen, 2whose heart is bent on malice, day after day they harbour strife; 3their tongues as barbed as a serpent's, viper's venom behind their lips.Pause 4Keep me, Yahweh, from the clutches of the wicked, protect me from violent men, who are bent onmaking me stumble,laying out snares where I walk, 5in their arrogance hiding pitfal and nooseto trap me as I pass.Pause 6I said to Yahweh, 'You are my God.' Listen, Yahweh, to the sound of my prayer. 7Yahweh my Lord, my saving strength, you shield my head when battle comes. 8Yahweh, do not grant the wicked their wishes, do not let their plots succeed.Pause Do not let myattackers 9prevail, but let them be overwhelmed by their own malice. 10May red-hot embers rain down on them, may they be flung into the mire once and for all. 11May the slanderer find no rest anywhere, may evil hunt down violent men implacably. 12I know that Yahweh wil give judgement for the wretched, justice for the needy. 13The upright shal praise your name, the honest dwel in your presence.
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