1[Psalm Of Asaph] Indeed God is good to Israel, the Lord to those who are pure of heart. 2My feet were on the point of stumbling, a little more and I had slipped, 3envying the arrogant as I did, and seeing the prosperity of the wicked. 4For them no such thing as pain, untroubled, their comfortable portliness; 5exempt from the cares which are the human lot, they have no part in Adam's afflictions. 6So pride is a necklace to them, violence the garment they wear. 7From their fat oozes out malice, their hearts drip with cunning. 8Cynical y they advocate evil, loftily they advocate force. 9Their mouth claims heaven for themselves, and their tongue is never stil on earth. 10That is why my people turn to them, and enjoy the waters of plenty, 11saying, 'How can God know? What knowledge can the Most High have?' 12That is what the wicked are like, piling up wealth without any worries. 13Was it useless, then, to have kept my own heart clean, to have washed my hands in innocence? 14When I was under a hail of blows al day long, and punished every morning, 15had I said, 'I shal talk like them,' I should have betrayed your children's race. 16So I set myself to understand this: how difficult I found it! 17Until I went into the sanctuaries of the gods and understood what was destined to become of them. 18You place them on a slippery slope and drive them down into chaos. 19How sudden their hideous destruction! They are swept away, annihilated by terror! 20Like a dream upon waking, Lord, when you awake, you dismiss their image. 21My heart grew embittered, my affections dried up, 22I was stupid and uncomprehending, a clumsy animal in your presence. 23Even so, I stayed in your presence, you grasped me by the right hand; 24you will guide me with advice, and wil draw me in the wake of your glory. 25Who else is there for me in heaven? And, with you, I lack nothing on earth. 26My heart and my flesh are pining away: my heart's rock, my portion, God for ever! 27Truly, those who abandon you will perish; you destroy those who adulterously desert you, 28whereas my happiness is to be near God. I have made the Lord Yahweh my refuge, to tel of al yourworks.
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