1[For the choirmaster For strings For the octachord Psalm Of David] Yahweh, let your rebuke to me notbe in anger, your punishment not in the heat of wrath. 2Have pity on me, Yahweh, for I am fading away. Heal me, Yahweh, my bones are shaken, 3my spirit is shaken to its very depths. But you, Yahweh . . . how long? 4Yahweh, relent and save my life rescue me because of your faithful love, 5for in death there is no remembrance of you; who could sing your praises in Sheol? 6I am worn out with groaning, every night I drench my pil ow and soak my bed with tears. 7My eyes waste away with vexation. Arrogance from al my foes! 8Away from me, al evil-doers! For Yahweh has heard the sound of my weeping, 9Yahweh has heard my pleading. Yahweh wil accept my prayer. 10Let al my enemies be put to confusion, shaken to their depths, let them retreat in sudden confusion.
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