1[Psalm Of David In commemoration] Yahweh, do not correct me in anger, do not discipline me inwrath. 2For your arrows have pierced deep into me, your hand has pressed down upon me. 3Your indignation has left no part of me unscathed, my sin has left no health in my bones. 4My sins stand higher than my head, they weigh on me as an unbearable weight. 5I have stinking, festering wounds, thanks to my fol y. 6I am twisted and bent double, I spend my days in gloom. 7My loins burn with fever, no part of me is unscathed. 8Numbed and utterly crushed I groan in distress of heart. 9Lord, all my longing is known to you, my sighing no secret from you, 10my heart is throbbing, my strength has failed, the light has gone out of my eyes. 11Friends and companions shun my disease, even the dearest of them keep their distance. 12Those with designs on my life lay snares, those who wish me ill speak of violence and hatchtreachery all day long. 13But I hear nothing, as though I were deaf, as though dumb, saying not a word. 14I am like the one who, hearing nothing, has no sharp answer to make. 15For in you, Yahweh, I put my hope, you, Lord my God, wil give answer. 16I said, 'Never let them gloat over me, do not let them take advantage of me if my foot slips.' 17There is no escape for me from fal ing, no relief from my misery. 18But I make no secret of my guilt, I am anxious at the thought of my sin. 19There is no numbering those who oppose me without cause, no counting those who hate meunprovoked, 20repaying me evil for good, slandering me for trying to do them good. 21Yahweh, do not desert me, my God, do not stand aloof from me. 22Come quickly to my help, Lord, my Saviour!
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