1I had made an agreement with my eyes not to linger on any virgin.
2Now what portion does God al ot from above, what fate does Shaddai apportion from his heaven-
3if not the disasters appropriate to the wicked and the calamities fit for evil-doers?
4But surely he sees how I behave, does he not count all my steps?
5Have I been a fel ow-travel er with falsehood, or hastened my steps towards deceit?
6Let him weigh me on accurate scales: then he, God, will recognise my integrity!
7If my feet have wandered from the rightful path, or if my eyes have led my heart astray, or if my handsare smirched with any stain,
8let someone else eat what I have sown and let my young shoots all be rooted out.
9If my heart has been seduced by a woman, or if I have lurked at my neighbour's door,
10let my wife go and grind for someone else, let others have intercourse with her!
11For I would have committed a sin of lust, a crime punishable by the law,
12a fire, indeed, burning al to Perdition, which would have devoured my whole revenue.
13If I have ever infringed the rights of slave or slave-girl in legal actions against me-
14what shal I do, when God stands up? What shal I say, when he holds his assize?
15Did he not create them in the womb like me, the same God forming us in the womb?
16Have I been insensible to the needs of the poor, or let a widow's eyes grow dim?
17Have I eaten my bit of bread on my own without sharing it with the orphan?
18I, whom God has fostered father-like from childhood, and guided since I left my mother's womb,
19have I ever seen a wretch in need of clothing, or the poor with nothing to wear,
20without his having cause to bless me from his heart, as he felt the warmth of the fleece from mylambs?
21Have I raised my hand against an orphan, presuming on my credit at the gate?
22If so, let my shoulder fal from its socket, let my arm break off at the elbow!
23For the terror of God would fal on me and I could not then stand my ground before his majesty.
24Have I put my faith in gold, saying to fine gold, 'Ah, my security'?
25Have I ever gloated over my great wealth, or the riches that my hands have won?
26Or has the sight of the sun in its glory, or the glow of the moon as it walked the sky,
27secretly stolen my heart, so that I blew them a kiss?
28That too would be a criminal offence, to have denied the supreme God.
29Have I rejoiced at my enemy's misfortune, or exulted when disaster overtook him? -
30I, who would not allow my tongue to sin or to lay his life under a curse.
31The people of my tent, did they not say, 'Will anyone name a person whom he has not fil ed withmeat?'
32No stranger ever had to sleep outside, my door was always open to the traveller.
33Have I ever concealed my transgression from others or kept my fault a secret in my breast?
34Have I ever stood in fear of common gossip, or dreaded any family's contempt, and so kept quiet, notventuring out of doors?
35Will no one give me a hearing? I have said my last word; now let Shaddai reply! When my adversaryhas drafted his writ against me
36I shall wear it on my shoulder, and bind it round my head like a royal turban.
37I shall give him an account of my every step and go as boldly as a prince to meet him.End of thewords of Job.
38If my land cries for vengeance against me and its furrows weep in concert,
39if I have eaten its produce without paying, and caused the death of its owners,
40let brambles grow instead of wheat, rank weeds instead of barley!
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