1Job spoke next. He said:
2How much longer are you going to torment me and crush me by your speeches?
3You have insulted me ten times already: have you no shame at maltreating me?
4Even if I had gone astray, my error would still be my own affair.
5But, whereas you take this superior attitude and claim that my disgrace is my own fault,
6I tel you that God has wronged me and enveloped me in his net.
7If I protest against such violence, I am not heard, if I appeal against it, judgement is never given.
8He has built an impassable wal across my path and covered my way with darkness.
9He has deprived me of my glory and taken the crown from my head.
10He assails me from al directions to make me vanish; he uproots my hope as he might a tree.
11Inflamed with anger against me, he regards me as his foe.
12His troops have come in force, directing their line of advance towards me, they are now encampedround my tent.
13He has alienated my brothers from me, my relatives take care to avoid me,
14my intimate friends have gone away and the guests in my house have forgotten me.
15My slave-girls regard me as an intruder, a stranger as far as they are concerned.
16My servant does not answer when I cal him, I am obliged to beg favours from him!
17My breath is unbearable to my wife, my stench to my own brothers.
18Even the children look down on me, whenever I stand up, they start jeering at me.
19All my dearest friends recoil from me in horror: those I loved best have turned against me.
20My flesh is rotting under my skin, my bones are sticking out like teeth.
21Pity me, pity me, my friends, since I have been struck by the hand of God.
22Must you persecute me just as God does, and give my body no peace?
23Will no one let my words be recorded, inscribed on some monument
24with iron chisel and engraving tool, cut into the rock for ever?
25I know that I have a living Defender and that he wil rise up last, on the dust of the earth.
26After my awakening, he wil set me close to him, and from my flesh I shall look on God.
27He whom I shal see wil take my part: my eyes will be gazing on no stranger. My heart sinks withinme.
28When you say, 'How can we confound him? What pretext can we discover against him?'
29You yourselves had best beware the sword, since the wrath bursts into flame at wicked deeds andthen you wil learn that there is indeed a judgement!
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