1[For the choirmaster On oboe and harp Psalm Of David] I thank you, Yahweh, with my whole heart, Irecount al your wonders, 2I rejoice and delight in you, I sing to your name, Most High. 3My enemies are in retreat, they stumble and perish at your presence, 4for you have given fair judgement in my favour, seated on your throne as upright judge. 5You have rebuked the nations, destroyed the wicked, blotted out their name for ever and ever; 6the enemy is wiped out -- mere ruins for ever -- you have annihilated their cities, their memory hasperished. See, 7Yahweh is enthroned for ever, keeping his throne firm for judgement; 8he wil himself judge the world in uprightness, wil give a true verdict on the nations. 9May Yahweh be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble! 10Those who revere your name can rely on you, you never desert those who seek you, Yahweh. 11Sing to Yahweh who dwel s in Zion, tel the nations his mighty deeds, 12for the avenger of blood does not forget them, he does not ignore the cry of the afflicted. 13Have pity on me, Yahweh, see my affliction, pull me back from the gates of death, 14that I may recount al your praises at the gates of the daughter of Zion and rejoice in your salvation. 15The nations have fal en into the trap they made, their feet caught in the snare they laid. 16Yahweh has made himself known, given judgement, he has ensnared the wicked in the work of theirown hands.Muted music Pause 17May the wicked turn away to Sheol, al the nations forgetful of God. 18For the needy is not forgotten for ever, not for ever does the hope of the poor come to nothing. 19Arise, Yahweh; human strength shal not prevail. The nations shal stand trial before you. 20Strike them with terror, Yahweh; the nations shall know that they are no more than human!Pause
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