1[For the choirmaster Of the sons of Korah Poem] God, we have heard for ourselves, our ancestorshave told us, of the deeds you did in their days, in days of old, 2by your hand. To establish them in the land you drove out nations, to make room for them you harriedpeoples. 3It was not their own sword that won the land, nor their own arms which made them victorious, but yourhand it was and your arm, and the light of your presence, for you loved them. 4You are my king, my God, who decreed Jacob's victories; 5through you we conquered our opponents, in your name we trampled down those who rose up againstus. 6For my trust was not in my bow, my victory was not won by my sword; 7it was you who saved us from our opponents, you who put to shame those who hate us. 8Our boast was always of God, we praised your name without ceasing.Pause 9Yet now you have abandoned and humiliated us, you no longer take the field with our armies, 10you leave us to fall back before the enemy, those who hate us plunder us at wil . 11You hand us over like sheep for slaughter, you scatter us among the nations, 12you sell your people for a trifle and make no profit on the sale. 13You make us the butt of our neighbours, the mockery and scorn of those around us, 14you make us a by-word among nations, other peoples shake their heads over us. 15Al day long I brood on my disgrace, the shame written clear on my face, 16from the sound of insult and abuse, from the sight of hatred and vengefulness. 17Al this has befal en us though we had not forgotten you, nor been disloyal to your covenant, 18our hearts never turning away, our feet never straying from your path. 19Yet you have crushed us in the place where jackals live, and immersed us in shadow dark as death. 20Had we forgotten the name of our God and stretched out our hands to a foreign god, 21would not God have found this out, for he knows the secrets of the heart? 22For your sake we are being massacred all day long, treated as sheep to be slaughtered. 23Wake, Lord! Why are you asleep? Awake! Do not abandon us for good. 24Why do you turn your face away, forgetting that we are poor and harrassed? 25For we are bowed down to the dust, and lie prone on the ground. 26Arise! Come to our help! Ransom us, as your faithful love demands.
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