1Whoever lives alone fol ows private whims, and is angered by advice of any kind. 2A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in airing an opinion. 3When wickedness comes, indignity comes too, and, with contempt, dishonour. 4Deep waters, such are human words: a gushing stream, the utterance of wisdom. 5It is not good to show partiality for the wicked and so to deprive the upright when giving judgement. 6The lips of a fool go to the law-courts with a mouth that pleads for a beating. 7The mouth of the fool works its owner's ruin, the lips of a fool are a snare for their owner's life. 8The words of a slanderer are tasty morsels that go right down into the bel y. 9Whoever is idle at work is blood-brother to the destroyer. 10The name of Yahweh is a strong tower; the upright runs to it and is secure. 11The wealth of the rich forms a stronghold, a high wal , as the rich supposes. 12The human heart is haughty until destruction comes, before there can be glory there must be humility. 13To retort without first listening is both foolish and embarrassing. 14Sickness the human spirit can endure, but when the spirit is broken, who can bear this? 15The heart of the intel igent acquires learning, the ears of the wise search for knowledge. 16A present will open al doors and win access to the great. 17The first to plead is adjudged to be upright, until the next comes and cross-examines him. 18The lot puts an end to disputes and decides between men of power. 19A brother offended is worse than a fortified city, and quarrels are like the locks of a keep. 20From the fruit of the mouth is a stomach fil ed, it is the yield of the lips that gives contentment. 21Death and life are in the gift of the tongue, those who indulge it must eat the fruit it yields. 22He who finds a wife finds happiness, receiving a mark of favour from Yahweh. 23The language of the poor is entreaty, the answer of the rich harshness. 24There are friends who point the way to ruin, others are closer than a brother.
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