1A wise child listens to a father's discipline, a cynic wil not listen to reproof. 2The fruit of the mouth provides a good meal, but the soul of the treacherous feeds on violence. 3A guard on the mouth makes life secure, whoever talks too much is lost. 4The idler hungers but has no food; hard workers get their fill. 5The upright hates a lying word, but the wicked slanders and defames. 6Uprightness stands guard over one whose way is honest, sin causes the ruin of the wicked. 7There are some who, on nothing, pretend to be rich, some, with great wealth, pretend to be poor. 8The ransom for life is a person's wealth; but the poor wil not hear the reproof. 9The light of the upright is joyful, the lamp of the wicked goes out. 10Insolence breeds only disputes, wisdom lies with those who take advice. 11A sudden fortune wil dwindle away, accumulation little by little is the way to riches. 12Hope deferred makes the heart sick, desire fulfil ed is a tree of life. 13Contempt for the word is self-destructive, respect for the commandment wins salvation. 14The teaching of the wise is a life-giving fountain for eluding the snares of death. 15Good sense wins favour, but the way of the treacherous is hard. 16Anyone of discretion acts by the light of knowledge, the fool parades his fol y. 17A bad messenger fal s into misfortune, a trusty messenger brings healing. 18Whoever rejects discipline wins poverty and scorn; for anyone who accepts correction: honour. 19Desire fulfil ed is sweet to the soul; fools are loth to turn -- from evil. 20Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, whoever mixes with fools wil be ruined. 21Evil wil pursue the sinner, but good wil reward the upright. 22The good bequeaths a heritage to children's children, the wealth of the sinner is stored away for theupright. 23Though the farms of the poor yield much food, some perish for lack of justice. 24Whoever fails to use the stick hates his child; whoever is free with correction loves him. 25The upright eats to the full, the bel y of the wicked goes empty.
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