1[For the choirmaster For strings Poem Of David] God, hear my prayer, do not hide away from my plea, 2give me a hearing, answer me, my troubles give me no peace. I shudder 3at the enemy's shouts, at the outcry of the wicked; they heap up charges against me, in their angerbring hostile accusations against me. 4My heart writhes within me, the terrors of death come upon me, 5fear and trembling overwhelm me, and shuddering grips me. 6And I say, 'Who will give me wings like a dove, to fly away and find rest?' 7How far I would escape, and make a nest in the desert!Pause 8I would soon find a refuge from the storm of abuse, from the 9destructive tempest, Lord, from the flood of their tongues. For I see violence and strife in the city, 10day and night they make their rounds along the city wal s, Inside live malice and mischief, 11inside lives destruction, tyranny and treachery never absent from its central square. 12Were it an enemy who insulted me, that I could bear; if an opponent pitted himself against me, I couldturn away from him. 13But you, a person of my own rank, a comrade and dear friend, 14to whom I was bound by intimate friendship in the house of God! May they recoil in disorder, 15may death descend on them, may they go down alive to Sheol, since evil shares their home withthem. 16For my part, I appeal to God, and Yahweh saves me; 17evening, morning, noon, I complain and I groan. He hears my cry, 18he ransoms me and gives me peace from the feud against me, for they are taking me to law. 19But God wil listen and wil humble them, he who has been enthroned from the beginning; no changeof heart for them, for they do not fear God. 20They attack those at peace with them, going back on their oaths; 21though their mouth is smoother than butter, enmity is in their hearts; their words more soothing thanoil, yet sharpened like swords. 22Unload your burden onto Yahweh and he wil sustain you; never wil he allow the upright to stumble. 23You, God, wil thrust them down to the abyss of destruction, men bloodthirsty and deceptive, beforehalf their days are spent. For my part, I put my trust in you.
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