1Elihu continued his speech. He said: 2And now, you sages, listen to what I say, lend me your ears, you learned men. 3The ear distinguishes the value of what is said, just as the palate can tel one food from another. 4Let us consider together God's ruling and decide what we all mean by good. 5Job has been saying, 'I am upright and God denies me fair judgement. 6My judge is treating me cruel y, my wound is incurable, for no fault of mine.' 7Can anyone else exist like Job, who laps up mockery like water, 8who consorts with evil-doers and marches in step with the wicked? 9Did he not say, 'No one derives any benefit from enjoying the society of God'? 10Listen to me then, like intel igent people. Far be evil from God or injustice from Shaddai! 11For he pays people back for what they do, treating each as his own conduct deserves. 12Be sure of it: God never does wrong, Shaddai does not pervert what is just. 13Did someone else entrust the world to his care was he given charge of the universe by someoneelse? 14If he were to recal his spirit, to concentrate his breath back in himself, 15all flesh would instantly perish and al people would return to dust. 16If you have any intel igence, listen to this, lend your ear to the sound of my words. 17Could an enemy of fair judgement ever govern? Would you dare condemn the Upright One, theAlmighty, 18who says to a king, 'You are a scoundrel!' and to nobles, 'You are wicked!', 19who is unimpressed by princes and makes no distinction between rich and poor, since al alike havebeen made by him? 20They die suddenly, at dead of night, they perish -- these great ones -- and disappear: it costs him noeffort to remove a tyrant. 21For his eyes keep watch on human ways, and he observes every step. 22No darkness, no shadow dark as death where wrong-doers can hide! 23He serves no writ on anyone, no summons to appear before God's court: 24he breaks the powerful without enquiry and sets up others in their places. 25He knows the sort of things they do! He overthrows them at night, to be trampled on. 26He beats them like criminals chained up for al to see, 27since they have turned their backs on him, having understood so little of his ways 28as to make the cries of the weak rise to him and let him hear the appeal of the afflicted. 29But if he is stil silent and no one can move him, if he veils his face, so that no one can see him, he istaking pity on nations and individuals, 30is setting some wrong-doer free from the meshes of affliction. 31When such a one says to God, 'I was misled, I shal not do wrong any more; 32although I have sinned, instruct me; although I did wrong, I will not do it again,' 33in your opinion, should he punish such a one -- you who have rejected his decisions? This is for youto decide -- not for me!- so kindly enlighten us! 34Ordinary sensible people, however, wil say to me, and so wil any sage who has been listening tome, 35'Job's words are spoken without any knowledge, what he says shows no intel igence. 36Kindly examine him thoroughly, since his answers imply that he is a criminal. 37For to his sin he now adds rebellion, bringing law to an end among us and heaping abuse on God.'
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