Wenesday, 19 June 2024 - San Romualdo ( Letture di oggi)

Baruch 4


1She is the book of God's commandments, the Law that stands for ever; those who keep her shal live,those who desert her shal die.2Turn back, Jacob, seize her, in her radiance make your way to light:3do not yield your glory to another, your privilege to a people not your own.4Israel, blessed are we: what pleases God has been revealed to us!5Take courage, my people, memorial of Israel!6You were sold to the nations, but not for extermination. You provoked God; and so were delivered toyour enemies,7since you had angered your Creator by offering sacrifices to demons, and not to God.8You had forgotten the eternal God who reared you. You had also grieved Jerusalem who nursed you,9for when she saw God's anger fal ing on you, she said: Listen, you neighbours of Zion: God has sent megreat sorrow.10I have seen my sons and daughters taken into captivity, which the Eternal brought down on them.11I had reared them joyful y; in tears, in sorrow, I watched them go away.12Do not, any of you, exult over me, a widow, deserted by so many; I am bereaved because of the sinsof my children, who turned away from the Law of God,13who did not want to know his precepts and would not fol ow the ways of his commandments or treadthe paths of discipline as his justice directed.14Come here, neighbours of Zion! Remember my sons' and daughters' captivity, which the Eternalbrought down on them.15How he brought a distant nation down on them, a ruthless nation speaking a foreign language, theyshowed neither respect for the aged, nor pity for the child;16they carried off the widow's cherished sons, they left her quite alone, bereft of her daughters.17For my part, how could I help you?18He who brought those disasters down on you, is the one to deliver you from your enemies' clutches.19Go, my children, go your way! I must stay bereft and lonely;20I have taken off the clothes of peace and put on the sackcloth of entreaty; al my life I shal cry to theEternal.21Take courage, my children, cal on God: he wil deliver you from tyranny, from the clutches of yourenemies;22for I look to the Eternal for your rescue, and joy has come to me from the Holy One at the mercy soonto reach you from your Saviour, the Eternal.23In sorrow and tears I watched you go away, but God wil give you back to me in joy and gladness forever.24As the neighbours of Zion have now witnessed your captivity, so wil they soon see your rescue byGod, which wil come upon you with great glory and splendour of the Eternal.25My children, patiently bear the anger brought on you by God. Your enemy has persecuted you, butsoon you wil witness his destruction and set your foot on his neck.26My favourite children have travel ed by rough roads, carried off like a flock by a marauding enemy.27Take courage, my children, cal on God: he who brought this on you wil remember you.28As by your wil you first strayed from God, so now turn back and search for him ten times harder;29for as he has been bringing down those disasters on you, so wil he rescue you and give you eternaljoy.30Take courage, Jerusalem: he who gave you your name wil console you.31Disaster wil come to al who have il -treated you and gloated over your fal .32Disaster wil come to the cities where your children were slaves; disaster to whichever one receivedyour children,33for just as she rejoiced at your fal and was happy to see you ruined, so wil she grieve over her owndesolation.34I shall deprive her of the joy of a populous city, and her insolence wil turn to mourning;35fire from the Eternal wil befall her for many a day, and demons wil dwel in her for ages.36Jerusalem, turn your eyes to the east, see the joy that is coming to you from God.37Look, the children you watched go away are on their way home; reassembled from east and west, theyare on their way home at the Holy One's command, rejoicing in God's glory.