1Better the poor living an honest life than the adept at double-talk who is a fool. 2Where knowledge is wanting, zeal is not good; whoever goes too quickly stumbles. 3Folly leads conduct astray, yet it is against Yahweh that the heart rages. 4Wealth multiplies friends, but the one friend the poor has is taken away. 5The false witness wil not go unpunished, no one who utters lies wil go free. 6The nobleman has many to court his favour, to a giver of gifts, everyone is friend. 7The poor man's brothers hate him, every one; his friends -- how much the more do these desert him!He goes in search of words, but there are none to be had. 8Whoever acquires sense wins profit from it, whoever treasures understanding finds happiness. 9The false witness wil not go unpunished, whoever utters lies wil be destroyed. 10It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury, stil less for a slave to govern princes. 11Good sense makes for self-control, and for pride in overlooking an offence. 12Like the roaring of a lion, the anger of a king, but like dew on the grass his favour. 13A foolish child is a disaster for the father, the bickerings of a wife are like an ever-dripping gutter. 14From fathers comes inheritance of house and wealth, from Yahweh a wife who is discreet. 15Idleness lul s to sleep, the feckless soul wil go hungry. 16Keeping the commandment is self-preservation, but whoever despises these ways wil die. 17Whoever is kind to the poor is lending to Yahweh who wil repay him the kindness done. 18While there is hope for him, chastise your child, but do not get so angry as to kill him. 19The violent lays himself open to a penalty; spare him, and you aggravate his crime. 20Listen to advice, accept correction, to be the wiser in the time to come. 21Many are the plans in the human heart, but the purpose of Yahweh -- that stands firm. 22Faithful love is what people look for in a person; they prefer the poor to a liar. 23The fear of Yahweh leads to life, it brings food and shelter, without fear of evil. 24Into the dish the idler dips his hand, but bring it back to his mouth he cannot. 25Strike a cynic, and simpletons wil be more wary; reprove the intel igent and he wil understand yourmeaning. 26He who il -treats his father and drives out his mother is a child both worthless and depraved. 27Give up listening to instruction, my child, if you mean to stray from words of knowledge. 28A perjured witness holds the law in scorn; the mouth of the wicked feasts on evil-doing. 29Punishments were made for mockers, and beating for the backs of fools.
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