Jonah - 2


1Now Yahweh ordained that a great fish should swal ow Jonah; and Jonah remained in the bel y of thefish for three days and three nights. 2From the bel y of the fish, Jonah prayed to Yahweh, his God; he said: 3Out of my distress I cried to Yahweh and he answered me, from the bel y of Sheol I cried out; you heardmy voice! 4For you threw me into the deep, into the heart of the seas, and the floods closed round me. Al yourwaves and bil ows passed over me; 5then I thought, 'I am banished from your sight; how shal I ever see your holy Temple again?' 6The waters round me rose to my neck, the deep was closing round me, seaweed twining round myhead. 7To the roots of the mountains, I sank into the underworld, and its bars closed round me for ever. But youraised my life from the Pit, Yahweh my God! 8When my soul was growing ever weaker, Yahweh, I remembered you, and my prayer reached you inyour holy Temple. 9Some abandon their faithful love by worshipping false gods, 10but I shal sacrifice to you with songs of praise. The vow I have made I shall fulfil! Salvation comesfrom Yahweh! 11Yahweh spoke to the fish, which then vomited Jonah onto the dry land.
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