1[Of David] Blessed be Yahweh, my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle, 2my faithful love, my bastion, my citadel, my Saviour; I shelter behind him, my shield, he makes thepeoples submit to me. 3Yahweh, what is a human being for you to notice, a child of Adam for you to think about? 4Human life, a mere puff of wind, days as fleeting as a shadow. 5Yahweh, part the heavens and come down, touch the mountains, make them smoke. 6Scatter them with continuous lightning-flashes, rout them with a vol ey of your arrows. 7Stretch down your hand from above, save me, rescue me from deep waters, from the clutches offoreigners, 8whose every word is worthless, whose right hand is raised in perjury. 9God, I sing to you a new song, I play to you on the ten-stringed lyre, 10for you give kings their victories, you rescue your servant David. From the sword of evil 11save me, rescue me from the clutches of foreigners whose every word is worthless, whose righthand testifies to falsehood. 12May our sons be like plants growing tal from their earliest days, our daughters like pil ars carved fitfor a palace, 13our barns fil ed to overflowing with every kind of crop, the sheep in our pastures be numbered inthousands and tens of thousands, 14our cattle wel fed, free of raids and pil age, free of outcry in our streets. 15How blessed the nation of whom this is true, blessed the nation whose God is Yahweh!
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