1Almighty Lord, God of Israel, a soul in anguish, a troubled heart now cries to you:
2Listen and have pity, Lord, for we have sinned before you.
3You sit enthroned for ever, while we are perishing for ever.
4Almighty Lord, God of Israel, hear the prayer of the dead of Israel, of the children of those who havesinned against you and have not listened to the voice of the Lord their God; hence the disasters which dog us.
5Do not cal to mind the misdeeds of our ancestors, but remember instead your power and your name.
6You are indeed the Lord our God and we wil praise you, Lord,
7since you have put respect for you in our hearts to encourage us to cal on your name. We long topraise you in our exile, for we have rid our hearts of the wickedness of our ancestors who sinned against you.
8Look, today we are still in exile where you have scattered us as something contemptible, accursed,condemned, for al the misdeeds of our ancestors who had abandoned the Lord our God.
9Listen, Israel, to commands that bring life; hear, and learn what knowledge means.
10Why, Israel, why are you in the country of your enemies, growing older and older in an alien land,
11defiling yourselves with the dead, reckoned with those who go to Sheol?
12It is because you have forsaken the fountain of wisdom!
13Had you walked in the way of God, you would be living in peace for ever.
14Learn where knowledge is, where strength, where understanding, and so learn where length of days is,where life, where the light of the eyes and where peace.
15But who has found out where she lives, who has entered her treasure house?
16Where now are the leaders of the nations and those who ruled even the beasts of earth,
17those who sported with the birds of heaven, those who accumulated silver and gold on which alpeople rely, and whose possessions had no end,
18those who worked so carefully in silver -but of whose works no trace is to be found?
19They have vanished, gone down to Sheol. Others have risen to their places,
20more recent generations have seen the day and peopled the earth in their turn, but the way ofknowledge they have not found;
21they have not recognised the paths she treads. Nor have their children had any grasp of her, remainingfar from her way.
22Nothing has been heard of her in Canaan, nothing has been seen of her in Teman;
23the children of Hagar in search of worldly wisdom, the merchants of Midian and Teman, the tale-spinners and the philosophers have none of them found the way to wisdom or remembered the paths shetreads.
24How great, Israel, is the house of God, how wide his domain,
25immeasurably wide, infinitely lofty!
26In it were born the giants, famous from the beginning, immensely tal , expert in war;
27God's choice did not fall on these, he did not show them the way of knowledge;
28they perished for lack of wisdom, perished by their own folly.
29Who has ever climbed the sky and seized her to bring her down from the clouds?
30Who has ever crossed the ocean and found her to bring her back in exchange for the finest gold?
31No one can learn the way to her, no one can understand the path she treads.
32But the One who knows al discovers her, he has grasped her with his own intel ect, he has set theearth firm for evermore and filled it with four-footed beasts,
33he sends the light -- and it goes, he recal s it -- and trembling it obeys;
34the stars shine joyful y at their posts;
35when he cal s them, they answer, 'Here we are'; they shine to delight their Creator.
36It is he who is our God, no other can compare with him.
37He has uncovered the whole way of knowledge and shown it to his servant Jacob, to Israel his wel -beloved;
38only then did she appear on earth and live among human beings.

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