1After this plague, Yahweh spoke to Moses and to the priest Eleazar son of Aaron and said: 2'Take a census of the whole community of Israelites, by families: al those of twenty years and over, fitto bear arms in Israel.' 3So Moses and the priest Eleazar took a census of them on the Plains of Moab, near the Jordan byJericho. They counted 4(as Yahweh had ordered Moses and the Israelites after leaving Egypt) men of twenty years and over: 5Reuben, the first-born of Israel. The sons of Reuben: for Hanoch, the Hanochite clan; for Pal u, thePal uite clan; 6for Hezron, the Hezronite clan; for Carmi, the Carmite clan. 7These were the Reubenite clans. They numbered forty-three thousand seven hundred and thirty men. 8The sons of Pallu: Eliab. 9The sons of Eliab: Nemuel, Dathan and Abiram. These two, Dathan and Abiram, men of repute in thecommunity, were the ones who revolted against Moses and Aaron; they belonged to Korah's group when itrevolted against Yahweh. 10The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them (with Korah when that group perished), when fireconsumed the two hundred and fifty men. They were a sign. 11Korah's sons, however, did not perish. 12The sons of Simeon by clans: for Nemuel, the Nemuelite clan; for Jamin, the Jaminite clan; forJachin, the Jachinite clan; 13for Zerah, the Zerahite clan; for Shaul, the Shaulite clan. 14These were the Simeonite clans. They numbered twenty-two thousand two hundred men. 15The sons of Gad by clans: for Zephon, the Zephonite clan; for Haggi, the Haggite clan; for Shuni, theShunite clan; 16for Ozni, the Oznite clan; for Eri, the Erite clan; 17for Arod, the Arodite clan; for Areli, the Arelite clan. 18These were the clans of the sons of Gad. They numbered forty thousand five hundred men. 19The sons of Judah: Er and Onan. Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. 20The other sons of Judah became clans: for Shelah, the Shelahite clan; for Perez, the Perezzite clan;for Zerah, the Zerahite clan. 21The sons of Perez were: for Hezron, the Hezronite clan; for Hamul, the Hamulite clan. 22These were the clans of Judah. They numbered seventy-six thousand five hundred men. 23The sons of Issachar by clans: for Tola, the Tolaite clan; for Puvah, the Puvahite clan; 24for Jashub, the Jashubite clan; for Shimron, the Shimronite clan. 25These were the clans of Issachar. They numbered sixty-four thousand three hundred men. 26The sons of Zebulun by clans: for Sered, the Seredite clan; for Elon, the Elonite clan; for Jahleel, theJahleelite clan. 27These were the clans of Zebulun. They numbered sixty thousand five hundred men. 28The sons of Joseph by clans: Manasseh and Ephraim. 29The sons of Manasseh: for Machir, the Machirite clan; Machir fathered Gilead: for Gilead, theGileadite clan. 30These were the sons of Gilead: for Iezer, the Iezerite clan; for Helek, the Helekite clan; 31Asriel, the Asrielite clan; Shechem, the Shechemite clan; 32Shemida, the Shemidaite clan; Hepher, the Hepherite clan. 33Zelophehad son of Hepher had no sons, only daughters; the names of Zelophehad's daughterswere Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah. 34These were the clans of Manasseh. They numbered fifty-two thousand seven hundred men. 35These were the sons of Ephraim by clans: for Shuthelah, the Shuthelahite clan; for Becher, theBecherite clan; for Tahan, the Tahanite clan. 36These were the sons of Shuthelah: for Eran, the Eranite clan. 37These were the clans of Ephraim. They numbered thirty-two thousand five hundred men. Thesewere the sons of Joseph by clans. 38The sons of Benjamin by clans: for Bela, the Belaite clan; for Ashbel, the Ashbelite clan; for Ahiram,the Ahiramite clan; 39for Shephupham, the Shephuphamite clan; for Hupham, the Huphamite clan. 40Bela's sons were Ard and Naaman; for Ard, the Ardite clan; for Naaman, the Naamanite clan. 41These were the sons of Benjamin by clans. They numbered forty-five thousand six hundred men. 42These were the sons of Dan by clans: for Shuham, the Shuhamite clan. These were the sons of Danby clans. 43All the Shuhamite clans numbered sixty-four thousand four hundred men. 44The sons of Asher by clans: for Imnah, the Imnahite clan; for Ishvi, the Ishvihite clan; for Beriah, theBeriahite clan. 45For the sons of Beriah: for Heber, the Heberite clan; for Malchiel, the Malchielite clan. 46The daughter of Asher was called Serah. 47These were the clans of Asher. They numbered fifty-three thousand four hundred men. 48The sons of Naphtali by clans: for Jahzeel, the Jahzeelite clan; for Guni, the Gunite clan; 49for Jezer, the Jezerite clan; for Shil em, the Shil emite clan. 50These were the clans of Naphtali as divided into clans. The sons of Naphtali numbered forty-fivethousand four hundred men. 51Of the Israelites thus numbered, there were six hundred and one thousand seven hundred and thirtymen. 52Yahweh then spoke to Moses and said, 53'The country must be shared out among these as a heritage, proportionately to the number of thoseinscribed. 54To the large in number you wil give a large area of land, to the smal in number a small area; toeach the heritage wil be in proportion to the number registered. 55The sharing out of the country must, however, be done by lot. Each wil receive a heritageproportionate to the number of names in their patriarchal tribes; 56the heritage of each tribe wil be shared out by lot, depending on its larger or smal er numbers.' 57These, by clans, are the Levites that were registered: for Gershon, the Gershonite clan; for Kohath,the Kohathite clan; for Merari, the Merarite clan. 58These are the Levite clans: the Libnite clan, the Hebronite clan, the Mahlite clan, the Mushite clan,the Korahite clan. Kohath fathered Amram. 59Amram's wife was cal ed Jokebed daughter of Levi, born to him in Egypt. To Amram she boreAaron, Moses and Miriam their sister. 60Aaron fathered Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 61Nadab and Abihu died when they brought unauthorised fire before Yahweh. 62Altogether twenty-three thousand males of one month and over were registered. They were notregistered with the Israelites, since they were given no heritage with the Israelites. 63Such were the men registered by Moses and the priest Eleazar who took a census of the Israeliteson the Plains of Moab near the Jordan by Jericho. 64Not one of them was among those whom Moses and the priest Aaron had registered when theycounted the Israelites in the desert of Sinai; 65for Yahweh had told them that these were to die in the desert and that none of them would be leftexcept Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun.
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