1Do no evil, and evil wil not befal you; 2shun wrong, and it wil avoid you. 3My child, do not sow in the furrows of wickedness, for fear you have to reap them seven times over. 4Do not ask the Lord for the highest place, or the king for a seat of honour. 5Do not parade your uprightness before the Lord, or your wisdom before the king. 6Do not scheme to be appointed judge, for fear you should not be strong enough to stamp out injustice,for fear of being swayed by someone influential and so of risking the loss of your integrity. 7Do not wrong the general body of citizens and so lower yourself in popular esteem. 8Do not be drawn to sin twice over, for you wil not go unpunished even once. 9Do not say, 'God will be impressed by my numerous offerings; when I sacrifice to God Most High, he isbound to accept.' 10Do not be hesitant in prayer; do not neglect to give alms. 11Do not laugh at someone who is sad of heart, for he who brings low can lift up high. 12Do not make up lies against your brother, nor against a friend either. 13Mind you tel no lies, for no good can come of it. 14Do not talk too much at the gathering of elders, and do not repeat yourself at your prayers. 15Do not shirk tiring jobs or farm work, ordained by the Most High. 16Do not swell the ranks of sinners, remember that the retribution wil not delay. 17Be very humble, since the recompense for the godless is fire and worms. 18Do not barter a friend away for the sake of profit, nor a true brother for the gold of Ophir. 19Do not turn against a wise and good wife; her gracious presence is worth more than gold. 20Do not il -treat a slave who is an honest worker, or a wage-earner who is devoted to you. 21Love an intel igent slave with al your heart, and do not deny such a slave his freedom. 22Have you cattle? Look after them; if they are making you a profit, keep them. 23Have you children? Educate them, from childhood make them bow the neck. 24Have you daughters? Take care of their bodies, but do not be over-indulgent. 25Marry a daughter off, and you have finished a great work; but give her to a man of sense. 26Have you a wife to your liking? Do not turn her out; but if you do not love her, never trust her. 27With al your heart honour your father, never forget the birthpangs of your mother. 28Remember that you owe your birth to them; how can you repay them for what they have done for you? 29With al your soul, fear the Lord and revere his priests. 30With al your might love him who made you, and do not abandon his ministers. 31Fear the Lord and honour the priest and give him the portion enjoined on you: first-fruits, sacrifice ofreparation, shoulder-gift, sanctification sacrifice, first-fruits of the holy things. 32And also give generously to the poor, so that your blessing may lack nothing. 33Let your generosity extend to al the living, do not withhold it even from the dead. 34Do not turn your back on those who weep, but share the grief of the grief-stricken. 35Do not shrink from visiting the sick; in this way you wil make yourself loved. 36In everything you do, remember your end, and you wil never sin.
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