1Yahweh is king, the peoples tremble; he is enthroned on the winged creatures, the earth shivers; 2Yahweh is great in Zion. He is supreme over al nations; 3let them praise your name, great and awesome; holy is he 4and mighty! You are a king who loves justice, you established honesty, justice and uprightness; inJacob it is you who are active. 5Exalt Yahweh our God, bow down at his footstool; holy is he! 6Moses and Aaron are among his priests, and Samuel, calling on his name; they called on Yahweh andhe answered them. 7He spoke with them in the pil ar of fire, they obeyed his decrees, the Law he gave them. 8Yahweh our God, you answered them, you were a God of forgiveness to them, but punished them fortheir sins. 9Exalt Yahweh our God, bow down at his holy mountain; holy is Yahweh our God!
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