1[Poem For Ethan the native-born] I shal sing the faithful love of Yahweh for ever, from age to age mylips shall declare your constancy, 2for you have said: love is built to last for ever, you have fixed your constancy firm in the heavens. 3'I have made a covenant with my Chosen One, sworn an oath to my servant David: 4I have made your dynasty firm for ever, built your throne stable age after age.'Pause 5The heavens praise your wonders, Yahweh, your constancy in the gathering of your faithful. 6Who in the skies can compare with Yahweh? Who among the sons of god can rival him? 7God, awesome in the assembly of holy ones, great and dreaded among al who surround him, 8Yahweh, God Sabaoth, who is like you? Mighty Yahweh, your constancy is al round you! 9You control the pride of the ocean, when its waves ride high you calm them. 10You split Rahab in two like a corpse, scattered your enemies with your mighty arm. 11Yours are the heavens and yours the earth, the world and al it holds, you founded them; 12you created the north and the south, Tabor and Hermon hail your name with joy. 13Yours is a strong arm, mighty your hand, your right hand raised high; 14Saving Justice and Fair Judgement the foundations of your throne, Faithful Love and Constancymarch before you. 15How blessed the nation that learns to acclaim you! They will live, Yahweh, in the light of yourpresence. 16In your name they rejoice al day long, by your saving justice they are raised up. 17You are the flower of their strength, by your favour our strength is triumphant; 18for to Yahweh belongs our shield, to the Holy One of Israel our king. 19Once you spoke in a vision, to your faithful you said: 'I have given strength to a warrior, I have raisedup a man chosen from my people. 20'I have found David my servant, and anointed him with my holy oil. 21My hand wil always be with him, my arm wil make him strong. 22'No enemy wil be able to outwit him, no wicked man overcome him; 23I shal crush his enemies before him, strike his opponents dead. 24'My constancy and faithful love will be with him, in my name his strength wil be triumphant. 25I shal establish his power over the sea, his dominion over the rivers. 26'He wil cry to me, "You are my father, my God, the rock of my salvation!" 27So I shal make him my first-born, the highest of earthly kings. 28'I shal maintain my faithful love for him always, my covenant with him wil stay firm. 29I have established his dynasty for ever, his throne to be as lasting as the heavens. 30'Should his descendants desert my law, and not keep to my rulings, 31should they violate my statutes, and not observe my commandments, 32'then I shal punish their offences with the rod, their guilt with the whip, 33but I shal never withdraw from him my faithful love, I shal not belie my constancy. 34'I shal not violate my covenant, I shal not withdraw the word once spoken. 35I have sworn by my holiness, once and for al , never will I break faith with David. 36'His dynasty shal endure for ever, his throne like the sun before me, 37as the moon is established for ever, a faithful witness in the skies.'Pause 38Yet you yourself -- you have spurned and rejected, and have vented your wrath on your anointed, 39you have repudiated the covenant with your servant, dishonoured his crown in the dust. 40You have pierced al his defences, and laid his strongholds in ruins, 41everyone passing by plunders him, he has become the butt of his neighbours. 42You have raised high the right hand of his opponents, have made al his enemies happy; 43you have snapped off his sword on a rock, and failed to support him in battle. 44You have stripped him of his splendid sceptre, and toppled his throne to the ground. 45You have aged him before his time, enveloped him in shame.Pause 46How long, Yahweh, will you remain hidden? For ever? Is your anger to go on smouldering like a fire? 47Remember me; how long have I left? For what pointless end did you create al the children of Adam? 48Who can live and never see death? Who can save himself from the clutches of Sheol?Pause 49Lord, what of those pledges of your faithful love? You made an oath to David by your constancy. 50Do not forget the insults to your servant; I take to heart the taunts of the nations, 51which your enemies have level ed, Yahweh, have level ed at the footsteps of your anointed! 52Blessed be Yahweh for ever. Amen, Amen.
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