1[For the choirmaster Tune: 'Do not destroy' Of David In a quiet voice When Saul sent men to watchDavid's house in order to have him killed] Rescue me from my enemies, my God, be my stronghold from myassailants, 2rescue me from evil-doers, from men of violence save me. 3Look at them, lurking to ambush me, violent men are attacking me, for no fault, no sin of mine,Yahweh, 4for no guilt, they come running to take up position. Wake up, stand by me and keep watch, 5Yahweh, God of Sabaoth, God of Israel, rise up, to punish al the nations, show no mercy to all thesemalicious traitors.Pause 6Back they come at nightfall, snarling like curs, prowling through the town. 7Look how they rant in speech with swords on their lips, 'Who is there to hear us?' 8For your part, Yahweh, you laugh at them, you make mockery of all nations. 9My strength, I keep my eyes fixed on you. For my stronghold is God, 10the God who loves me faithfully is coming to meet me, God will let me feast my eyes on those who liein wait for me. 11Do not annihilate them, or my people may forget; shake them in your power, bring them low, Lord,our shield. 12Sin is in their mouths, sin on their lips, so let them be trapped in their pride for the curses and lies thatthey utter. 13Destroy them in your anger, destroy them til they are no more, and let it be known that God is Masterin Jacob and the whole wide world.Pause 14Back they come at nightfal , snarling like curs, prowling through the town, 15scavenging for something to eat, growling unless they have their fil . 16And so I wil sing of your strength, in the morning acclaim your faithful love; you have been astronghold for me, a refuge when I was in trouble. 17My strength, I wil make music for you, for my stronghold is God, the God who loves me faithful y.
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