1By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept at the memory of Zion. 2On the poplars there we had hung up our harps. 3For there our gaolers had asked us to sing them a song, our captors to make merry, 'Sing us one ofthe songs of Zion.' 4How could we sing a song of Yahweh on alien soil? 5If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand wither! 6May my tongue remain stuck to my palate if I do not keep you in mind, if I do not count Jerusalem thegreatest of my joys. 7Remember, Yahweh, to the Edomites' cost, the day of Jerusalem, how they said, 'Down with it! Raseit to the ground!' 8Daughter of Babel, doomed to destruction, a blessing on anyone who treats you as you treated us, 9a blessing on anyone who seizes your babies and shatters them against a rock!
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