1[Of David Psalm] I wil sing of faithful love and judgement; to you, Yahweh, will I make music. 2I wil go forward in the path of the blameless; when will you come to me? I wil live in purity of heart, inmy house, 3I wil not set before my eyes anything sordid. I hate those who act crookedly; this has no attraction forme. 4Let the perverse of heart keep away from me; the wicked I disregard. 5One who secretly slanders a comrade, I reduce to silence; haughty looks, proud heart, these I cannotabide. 6I look to the faithful of the land to be my companions, only he who walks in the path of the blamelessshall be my servant. 7There is no room in my house for anyone who practises deceit; no liar wil stand his ground where Ican see him. 8Morning after morning I reduce to silence al the wicked in the land, banishing from the city ofYahweh al evil-doers.
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