1Elihu continued his speech. He said: 2Do you think you can prove yourself upright and establish your uprightness before God 3by daring to say to him, 'What does it matter to you, or how does it benefit me, whether I have sinnedor not?' 4Very well, I shal tel you and your friends as wel . 5Take a look at the skies and see, observe how high the clouds are above you. 6If you sin, how can you affect him? If you heap up crimes, what effect has it on him? 7If you are upright, what do you give him, what benefit does he receive at your hands? 8Your wickedness affects only your fel ows, your uprightness, other human beings. 9They too groan under the weight of oppression, they cry for help under the tyranny of the mighty, 10but none of them thinks of saying, 'Where is God, my Maker, who makes glad songs ring out at night, 11who has made us more intel igent than wild animals wiser than birds in the sky?' 12Cry they may, but get no answer, to be spared from the arrogance of the wicked. 13Of course God does not listen to trivialities, Shaddai pays no attention to them. 14And how much less when you say, 'I cannot see him, my case is open and I am waiting for him.' 15Or, 'His anger never punishes, he does not seem aware of human rebel ion.' 16Hence, when Job speaks, he talks nonsense, ignorantly babbling on and on.
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