1Eliphaz of Teman spoke next. He said: 2Does anyone wise respond with windy arguments, or feed on an east wind? 3Or make a defence with ineffectual words and speeches good for nothing? 4You do worse: you suppress reverence, you discredit discussion before God. 5Your very fault incites you to speak like this, hence you adopt this language of cunning. 6Your own mouth condemns you, and not I; your own lips bear witness against you. 7Are you the first-born of the human race, brought into the world before the hills? 8Have you been a listener at God's council, or established a monopoly of wisdom? 9What knowledge do you have that we have not, what understanding that is not ours too? 10One of us is an old, grey-headed man loaded with more years than your father! 11Can you ignore these divine consolations and the moderate tone of our words? 12How passion carries you away! And how you rol your eyes, 13when you vent your anger on God and speeches come tripping off your tongue! 14How can anyone be pure, anyone born of woman be upright? 15God cannot rely even on his holy ones, to him, even the heavens seem impure. 16How much more, this hateful, corrupt thing, humanity, which soaks up wickedness like water! 17Listen to me, I have a lesson for you: I am going to impart my own experience 18and the tradition of the sages who have remained faithful to their ancestors, 19to whom alone the land was given -- no foreigner included among them. 20The life of the wicked is unceasing torment, the years al otted to the tyrant are numbered. 21A cry of panic echoes in his ear; when al is peace, his destroyer swoops down on him. 22No more can he count on escaping from the dark, but knows that he is destined for the sword, 23marked down as meat for the vulture. He knows that his ruin is at hand. 24The hour of darkness terrifies him, distress and anguish assail him as when a king is poised for theassault. 25He raised his hand against God, boldly he defied Shaddai! 26Head lowered, he charged him, with his massively bossed shield. 27His face had grown ful and fat, and his thighs too heavy with flesh. 28He had occupied the towns he had destroyed, with their uninhabited houses about to fal into ruins; 29but no great profit to him, his luck will not hold, he wil cast his shadow over the country no longer, 30(he wil not escape the dark). A flame wil scorch his young shoots, the wind will carry off his blossom. 31Let him not trust in his great height or delusion will be his. 32His palm trees wil wither before their time and his branches never again be green. 33Like the vine, he wil shake off his unripe fruit, like the olive tree, shed his blossom. 34Yes, sterile is the spawn of the sinner, and fire consumes the tents of the venal. 35Whoever conceives malice, breeds disaster, bears as offspring only a false hope.
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