1Not so with one who concentrates his mind and his meditation on the Law of the Most High. Heresearches into the wisdom of al the Ancients, he occupies his time with the prophecies. 2He preserves the discourses of famous men, he is at home with the niceties of parables. 3He researches into the hidden sense of proverbs, he ponders the obscurities of parables. 4He enters the service of princes, he is seen in the presence of rulers. He travels in foreign countries, hehas experienced human good and human evil. 5At dawn and with al his heart he turns to the Lord his Creator; he pleads in the presence of the MostHigh, he opens his mouth in prayer and makes entreaty for his sins. 6If such be the wil of the great Lord, he wil be filled with the spirit of intel igence, he wil shower forthwords of wisdom, and in prayer give thanks to the Lord. 7He will grow upright in purpose and learning, he will ponder the Lord's hidden mysteries. 8He will display the instruction he has received, taking his pride in the Law of the Lord's covenant. 9Many wil praise his intel igence and it wil never be forgotten. His memory will not disappear,generation after generation his name will live. 10Nations wil proclaim his wisdom, the assembly will celebrate his praises. 11If he lives long, his name will be more glorious than a thousand others, and if he dies, that wil satisfyhim just as wel . 12And here are some more of my reflections: yes, I am as ful as the moon at the ful ! 13Listen to me, devout children, and blossom like the rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse. 14Give off a sweet smel like incense, flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad, sing a song ofpraise blessing the Lord for all his works. 15Declare the greatness of his name, proclaim his praise with song and with lyre, and this is how youmust sing his praises: 16'How wonderful, the actions of the Lord! Whatever he orders is done at the proper time!' You must notsay, 'What is this? Why is that?' There is a proper time for every question. 17At his word, the water stops and piles up high, at his voice, the watery reservoirs take shape, 18at his command, whatever he wants is done, no one can stop him, if he intends to save. 19He can see whatever human beings are doing, nothing can be hidden from his eye; 20his gaze stretches from eternity to eternity, and nothing can astonish him. 21You must not say, 'What is this? Why is that?' for everything has been made for a purpose. 22As his blessing covers the dry land like a river and soaks it like a flood, 23so retribution is his legacy to the nations, just as he has turned fresh waters to salt. 24His ways are as smooth for the devout, as they are ful of obstacles for the wicked. 25Good things were created from the beginning for good people, as bad ones were for sinners. 26The prime needs of human beings for living are water and fire, iron and salt, wheat-flour, milk andhoney, the juice of the grape, oil and clothing. 27Al these are good for those who are good, but turn out bad for sinners. 28Some winds have been created for punishing, in his fury, he uses them as scourges; on the day ofdoom, they unleash their violence and appease the wrath of their Creator. 29Fire and hail, famine and death, have al been created for punishing. 30Wild animals' fangs, scorpions, vipers, the avenging sword for the ruin of the godless: 31all of them exult in discharging his orders, ready on earth whenever the need arises and, when theirtime comes, not fal ing short of his word. 32That is why I was determined from the outset, why I have pondered and why I have written, 33'The works of the Lord are all good, when the time is right, he gives whatever is needed. 34You must not say, "This is worse than that," for, sooner or later, everything proves its worth. 35So now, sing with al your heart and voice, and bless the name of the Lord!'
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