1[For the choirmaster For Jeduthun Psalm Of David] I said, 'I wil watch how I behave so that I do notsin by my tongue. I will keep a muzzle on my mouth as long as any sinner is near.' 2I stayed dumb, silent, speechless, but the sinner's prosperity redoubled my torment. 3My heart had been smouldering within me, but at the thought of this it flared up and the words camebursting out, 4'Yahweh, let me know my fate, how much longer I have to live. Show me just how frail I am. 5'Look, you have given me but a hand's breadth or two of life, the length of my life is as nothing to you.Every human being that stands on earth is a mere puff of wind, 6every human being that walks only a shadow; a mere puff of wind is the wealth stored away -- noknowing who wil profit from it.' 7So now, Lord, what am I to hope for? My hope is in you. 8Save me from al my sins, do not make me the butt of fools. 9I keep silence, I speak no more since you yourself have been at work. 10Take your scourge away from me. I am worn out by the blows you deal me. 11You correct human beings by punishing sin, like a moth you eat away all their desires -- a humanbeing is a mere puff of wind. 12Yahweh, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for help, do not remain deaf to my weeping. For I am astranger in your house, a nomad like al my ancestors. 13Turn away your gaze that I may breathe freely before I depart and am no more!
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