1[Psalm Canticle for the Dedication of the House Of David] I praise you to the heights, Yahweh, for youhave raised me up, you have not let my foes make merry over me. 2Yahweh, my God, I cried to you for help and you healed me. 3Yahweh, you have lifted me out of Sheol, from among those who sink into oblivion you have given melife. 4Make music for Yahweh, al you who are faithful to him, praise his unforgettable holiness. 5His anger lasts but a moment, his favour through life; In the evening come tears, but with dawn cries ofjoy. 6Carefree, I used to think, 'Nothing can ever shake me!' 7Your favour, Yahweh, set me on impregnable heights, but you turned away your face and I wasterrified. 8To you, Yahweh, I cal , to my God I cry for mercy. 9What point is there in my death, my going down to the abyss? Can the dust praise you or proclaimyour faithfulness? 10Listen, Yahweh, take pity on me, Yahweh, be my help! 11You have turned my mourning into dancing, you have stripped off my sackcloth and clothed me withjoy. 12So my heart wil sing to you unceasingly, Yahweh, my God, I shal praise you for ever.
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