1'If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck a mortal blow, his blood may not be avenged, 2but if it happens after sunrise, his blood may be avenged. He wil make ful restitution; if he has not themeans, he will be sold to pay for what he has stolen. 3If the stolen animal is found alive in his possession, be it ox, donkey or animal from the flock, he wilpay back double. 4'If anyone puts his animals out to graze in a field or vineyard and lets them graze in someone else'sfield, he wil make restitution for the part of the field that has been grazed on the basis of its yield. But if he haslet the whole field be grazed, he wil make restitution in proportion to the best crop of the field or vineyard. 5'If a fire breaks out, setting light to thorn bushes and burning stacks, standing corn or the field as aresult, the person who started the fire wil make ful restitution. 6'If anyone entrusts money or goods to someone else's keeping and these are stolen from that person'shouse, the thief, if he can be discovered, wil repay double. 7Should the thief not be discovered, the owner of the house will come into the presence of God, todeclare that he has not laid hands on the other person's property. 8'In every case of law-breaking involving an ox, donkey, animal from the flock, clothing or lost propertyof any sort, the ownership of which is disputed, both parties wil lay their case before God. The party whom Godpronounces guilty wil pay back double to the other. 9'If anyone entrusts a donkey, ox, animal from the flock or any other animal to someone else's keeping,and it dies or breaks a limb or is carried off without anyone seeing, 10an oath by Yahweh wil decide between the two parties whether the keeper has laid hands on theother's property or not. The owner wil take what remains, the keeper wil not have to make good the loss. 11Only if the animal has been stolen from him, will he make restitution to the owner. 12If it has been savaged by a wild animal, he must bring the savaged remains of the animal asevidence, and wil then not have to make restitution. 13'If anyone borrows an animal from someone else, and it breaks a limb or dies in the owner's absence,he wil make ful restitution. 14But if the animal's owner has been present, he wil not have to make good the loss. If the owner hashired it out, he wil get the cost of its hire. 15'If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged to be married, he wil pay her bride-price and make herhis wife. 16If her father absolutely refuses to let him have her, he will pay a sum equivalent to the bride-price of avirgin. 17'You wil not al ow a sorceress to live. 18'Anyone who has intercourse with an animal will be put to death. 19'Anyone who sacrifices to other gods wil be put under the curse of destruction. 20'You wil not molest or oppress aliens, for you yourselves were once aliens in Egypt. 21You wil not il -treat widows or orphans; 22if you il -treat them in any way and they make an appeal to me for help, I shal certainly hear theirappeal, 23my anger wil be roused and I shal put you to the sword; then your own wives will be widows andyour own children orphans. 24'If you lend money to any of my people, to anyone poor among you, you wil not play the usurer withhim: you will not demand interest from him. 25'If you take someone's cloak in pledge, you wil return it to him at sunset. 26It is al the covering he has; it is the cloak he wraps his body in; what else wil he sleep in? If heappeals to me, I shall listen. At least with me he will find compassion! 27'You wil not revile God, nor curse your people's leader. 28'Do not be slow about making offerings from your abundance and your surplus. You wil give me thefirst-born of your children; 29you will do the same with your flocks and herds. For the first seven days the first-born wil stay withits mother; on the eighth day you wil give it to me. 30'You must be people consecrated to me. You wil not eat the meat of anything in the countrysidesavaged by wild animals; you wil throw it to the dogs.'
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