1[Psalm Of Asaph] God takes his stand in the divine assembly, surrounded by the gods he givesjudgement. 2'How much longer wil you give unjust judgements and uphold the prestige of the wicked? 3Let the weak and the orphan have justice, be fair to the wretched and the destitute.Pause 4'Rescue the weak and the needy, save them from the clutches of the wicked. 5'Ignorant and uncomprehending, they wander in darkness, while the foundations of the world aretottering. 6I had thought, "Are you gods, are al of you sons of the Most High?" 7No! you wil die as human beings do, as one man, princes, you will fal .' 8Arise, God, judge the world, for al nations belong to you.
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