1Zophar of Naamath spoke next. He said: 2Is babbling to go without an answer? Is wordiness a proof of uprightness? 3Do you think your talking strikes people dumb, will you jeer with no one to refute you? 4These were your words, 'My conduct is pure, in your eyes I am free of blame!' 5Wil no one let God speak, open his lips and give you answer, 6show you the secrets of wisdom which put all cleverness to shame? Then you would realise that Godis cal ing you to account for your sin. 7Can you claim to fathom the depth of God, can you reach the limit of Shaddai? 8It is higher than the heavens: what can you do? It is deeper than Sheol: what can you know? 9It would be longer to measure than the earth and broader than the sea. 10If he intervenes to close or convoke the assembly, who is to prevent him? 11He knows how deceptive human beings are, and he sees their misdeeds too, and marks them wel . 12Hence empty-headed people would do wel to study sense and people who behave like wild donkeysto let themselves be tamed. 13Come, reconsider your attitude, stretch out your hands towards him! 14If you repudiate the sin which you have doubtless committed and do not al ow wickedness to live onin your tents, 15you wil be able to raise an unsullied face, unwavering and free from fear, 16for you wil forget about your misery, thinking of it only as a flood that passed long ago. 17Then begins an existence more radiant than noon, and the very darkness wil be bright as morning. 18Confident because there is hope; after your troubles, you wil sleep secure. 19When you lie down to rest, no one will trouble you, and many wil seek your favour. 20But as for the wicked, their eyes are weary, there is no refuge for them; their only hope is to breathetheir last.
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