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Hebraeos 1

1 Multifariam, multisque modis olim Deus loquens patribus in prophetis :1 At many moments in the past and by many means, God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets;but
2 novissime, diebus istis locutus est nobis in Filio, quem constituit hæredem universorum, per quem fecit et sæcula :2 in our time, the final days, he has spoken to us in the person of his Son, whom he appointed heir of althings and through whom he made the ages.
3 qui cum sit splendor gloriæ, et figura substantiæ ejus, portansque omnia verbo virtutis suæ, purgationem peccatorum faciens, sedet ad dexteram majestatis in excelsis :3 He is the reflection of God's glory and bears the impress of God's own being, sustaining all things byhis powerful command; and now that he has purged sins away, he has taken his seat at the right hand of thedivine Majesty on high.
4 tanto melior angelis effectus, quanto differentius præ illis nomen hæreditavit.4 So he is now as far above the angels as the title which he has inherited is higher than their own name.
5 Cui enim dixit aliquando angelorum : Filius meus es tu, ego hodie genui te ? Et rursum : Ego ero illi in patrem, et ipse erit mihi in filium ?5 To which of the angels, then, has God ever said: You are my Son, today I have fathered you, or: I shalbe a father to him and he a son to me?
6 Et cum iterum introducit primogenitum in orbem terræ, dicit : Et adorent eum omnes angeli Dei.6 Again, when he brings the First-born into the world, he says: Let all the angels of God pay him homage.
7 Et ad angelos quidem dicit : Qui facit angelos suos spiritus, et ministros suos flammam ignis.7 To the angels, he says: appointing the winds his messengers and flames of fire his servants,
8 Ad Filium autem : Thronus tuus Deus in sæculum sæculi : virga æquitatis, virga regni tui.8 but to the Son he says: Your throne, God, is for ever and ever; and: the sceptre of his kingdom is asceptre of justice;
9 Dilexisti justitiam, et odisti iniquitatem : propterea unxit te Deus, Deus tuus, oleo exultationis præ participibus tuis.9 you love uprightness and detest evil. This is why God, your God, has anointed you with the oil ofgladness, as none of your rivals.
10 Et : Tu in principio, Domine, terram fundasti : et opera manuum tuarum sunt cæli.10 And again: Long ago, Lord, you laid earth's foundations, the heavens are the work of your hands.
11 Ipsi peribunt, tu autem permanebis, et omnes ut vestimentum veterascent :11 They pass away but you remain, they al wear out like a garment.
12 et velut amictum mutabis eos, et mutabuntur : tu autem idem ipse es, et anni tui non deficient.12 Like a cloak you wil rol them up, like a garment, and they wil be changed. But you never alter andyour years are unending.
13 Ad quem autem angelorum dixit aliquando : Sede a dextris meis, quoadusque ponam inimicos tuos scabellum pedum tuorum ?13 To which of the angels has God ever said: Take your seat at my right hand til I have made yourenemies your footstool?
14 Nonne omnes sunt administratorii spiritus, in ministerium missi propter eos, qui hæreditatem capient salutis ?14 Are they not al ministering spirits, sent to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?