Ecclesiastes/Qohelet - 11


1Cast your bread on the water, eventual y you wil recover it. 2Offer a share to seven or to eight people, you can never tell what disaster may occur. 3When clouds are ful of rain, they wil shed it on the earth. If a tree fal s, whether south or north, whereit falls, there it wil lie. 4Keep watching the wind and you wil never sow, keep staring at the clouds and you will never reap. 5You do not understand how the wind blows, or how the embryo grows in a woman's womb: no morecan you understand the work of God, the Creator of al . 6In the morning, sow your seed, until evening, do not cease from labour, for of any two things you donot know which wil succeed, or which of the two is the better. 7How sweet light is, how delightful it is to see the sun! 8However many years you live, enjoy them all, but remember, the days of darkness wil be many: futilityawaits you at the end. 9Young man, enjoy yourself while you are young, make the most of the days of your youth, follow theprompting and desire of heart and eye, but remember, God wil cal you to account for everything. 10Rid your heart of indignation, keep your body clear of suffering, though youth and the age of blackhair are both futile.
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