1From the violet-purple, red-purple and crimson materials, they made the liturgical vestments forservice in the sanctuary. They made the sacred vestments for Aaron, as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 2They made the ephod of gold, of violet-purple, red-purple and crimson materials and finely wovenlinen. 3They beat gold into thin plates and cut these into threads to work into the violet-purple, red-purple andcrimson materials and the fine linen by needlework. 4For the ephod they made shoulder-straps which were joined to it at its two edges. 5The waistband on the ephod to hold it in position, was of a piece with it and of the same workmanship:of gold, violet-purple, red-purple and finely woven linen, as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 6They worked the cornelians, mounted in gold setting, and engraved, like an engraved seal, with thenames of the sons of Israel, 7and put the stones on the shoulder-straps of the ephod, to commemorate the sons of Israel, asYahweh had ordered Moses. 8They made the breastplate of the same embroidered work as the ephod: of gold, violet-purple, red-purple and crimson materials and finely woven linen. 9It was square and doubled over, a span in length and a span in width. 10In it they set four rows of stones: a sard, a topaz and an emerald, for the first row; 11for the second row, a garnet, a sapphire and a diamond; 12for the third row, a hyacinth, a ruby and an amethyst; 13and for the fourth row, a beryl, a cornelian and a jasper: mounted in gold settings, 14the stones corresponding to the names of the sons of Israel, twelve like their names, engraved likeseals, each with the name of one of the twelve tribes. 15For the breastplate they made chains of pure gold twisted like cords, 16and they made two gold rosettes and two gold rings, putting the two rings on the two outside edgesof the breastplate 17and fastening the two gold cords to the two rings on the outside edges of the breastplate. 18The other two ends of the cords they fastened to the two rosettes, putting these on the shoulder-straps of the ephod, on the front. 19They also made two gold rings and put them on the two outside edges of the breastplate, on theinner side, against the ephod; 20and they made two more gold rings and put them low down on the front of the two shoulder-straps ofthe ephod, close to the join, above the waistband of the ephod. 21They secured the pectoral by a violet-purple cord passed through its rings and those of the ephod, sothat the pectoral would sit above the waistband and not come apart from the ephod, as Yahweh had orderedMoses. 22They made the robe of the ephod woven entirely of violet-purple. 23The opening in the centre of the robe was like the neck of a coat of mail; round the opening was aborder, so that it would not get torn. 24On the lower hem of the robe, they made pomegranates of violet-purple, red-purple and crimson andfinely woven linen, 25and made bells of pure gold, putting the bel s between the pomegranates al round the lower hem ofthe robe: 26alternately, a bel and then a pomegranate, al round the lower hem of the robe of office, as Yahwehhad ordered Moses. 27They made the tunics of finely woven linen for Aaron and his sons, 28the turban of fine linen, the head-dresses of fine linen, the breeches of finely woven linen, 29the waistbands of finely woven linen embroidered with violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, asYahweh had ordered Moses. 30They also made the flower -- the symbol of holy consecration -- of pure gold and on it, like anengraved seal, they engraved, 'Consecrated to Yahweh'. 31They put it on a violet-purple cord, to fasten it high up on the turban, as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 32So all the work for the Dwelling, for the Tent of Meeting, was completed. They had done everythingexactly as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 33They then brought Moses the Dwel ing, the Tent and al its accessories: its clasps, frames, crossbars,poles and sockets; 34the cover of rams' skins dyed red, the cover of fine leather and the screening curtain; 35the ark of the Testimony and its shafts, and the mercy-seat; 36the table, all its accessories and the loaves of permanent offering; 37the lamp-stand of pure gold, its lamps -- the array of lamps -- and all its accessories, and the oil forthe light; 38the golden altar, the anointing oil, the fragrant incense and the screen for the entrance to the tent; 39the bronze altar and its bronze grating, its shafts and all its accessories; the basin and its stand; 40the curtaining for the court, its poles, its sockets, and the screen for the gateway to the court, itscords, its pegs and al the accessories for the service of the Dwel ing, for the Tent of Meeting; 41the liturgical vestments for officiating in the sanctuary -- the sacred vestments for Aaron the priest,and the vestments for his sons -- for the priestly functions. 42The Israelites had done al the work exactly as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 43Moses inspected all the work: they had indeed done it as Yahweh had ordered; and Moses blessedthem.
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