1The memory of Josiah is like blended incense prepared by the perfumer's art; it is as sweet as honey toal mouths, and like music at a wine feast. 2He took the right course, of converting the people, he rooted out the iniquitous abominations, 3he set his heart on the Lord, in godless times he upheld the cause of religion. 4Apart from David, Hezekiah and Josiah, they al heaped wrong on wrong, they abandoned the Law ofthe Most High: the kings of Judah disappeared; 5for they handed their power over to others and their honour to a foreign nation. 6The holy, chosen city was burnt down, her streets were left deserted, 7as Jeremiah had predicted; for they had il -treated him, though consecrated a prophet in his mother'swomb, to tear up and afflict and destroy, but also to build up and to plant. 8Ezekiel saw a vision of glory which God showed to him above the chariot of the great winged creatures, 9for he mentioned the enemies in the downpour to the advantage of those who fol ow the right way. 10As for the twelve prophets, may their bones flower again from the tomb, since they have comfortedJacob and redeemed him in faith and hope. 11How shal we extol Zerubbabel? He was like a signet ring on the right hand, 12so too was Joshua son of Jozadak; they who in their days built the Temple and raised a sanctuarysacred to the Lord, destined to everlasting glory. 13Great too is the memory of Nehemiah, who rebuilt our wal s which lay in ruins, erected the boltedgates and rebuilt our houses. 14No one else has ever been created on earth to equal Enoch, for he was taken up from earth. 15And no one else ever born has been like Joseph, the leader of his brothers, the prop of his people; hisbones received a visitation. 16Shem and Seth were the most honoured of men, but above every living creature is Adam.
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