1There is the rebuke that is untimely, and there is the person who keeps quiet, and he is the shrewd one. 2But how much better to rebuke than to fume! 3The person who acknowledges a fault wards off punishment. 4Like a eunuch trying to take a girl's virginity is someone who tries to impose justice by force. 5There is the person who keeps quiet and is considered wise, another incurs hatred for talking too much. 6There is the person who keeps quiet, not knowing how to answer, another keeps quiet, knowing whento speak. 7The wise wil keep quiet til the right moment, but a garrulous fool wil always misjudge it. 8Someone who talks too much wil earn dislike, and someone who usurps authority wil earn hatred. 9There is the person who finds misfortune a boon, and the piece of luck that turns to loss. 10There is the gift that affords you no profit, and the gift that repays you double. 11There is the honour that leads to humiliation, and there are people in a low state who raise theirheads. 12There is the person who buys much for little, yet pays for it seven times over. 13The wise wins love with words, while fools may shower favours in vain. 14The gift of the stupid wil bring you no advantage, his eyes look for seven times as much in return. 15He gives little and reviles much, he opens his mouth like the town crier, he lends today and demandspayment tomorrow; he is a detestable fellow. 16The fool will say, 'I have no friends, I get no gratitude for my good deeds; 17those who eat my bread have malicious tongues.' How often he wil be laughed at, and by how many! 18Better a slip on the pavement than a slip of the tongue; this is how ruin takes the wicked by surprise. 19A coarse-grained person is like an indiscreet story endlessly retold by the ignorant. 20A maxim is rejected when coming from a fool, since the fool does not utter it on the apt occasion. 21There is a person who is prevented from sinning by poverty; no qualms of conscience disturb thatperson's rest. 22There is a person who courts destruction out of false shame, courts destruction for the sake of a fool'sopinion. 23There is a person who out of false shame makes promises to a friend, and so makes an enemy fornothing. 24Lying is an ugly blot on anyone, and ever on the lips of the undisciplined. 25A thief is preferable to an inveterate liar, but both are heading for ruin. 26Lying is an abominable habit, the liar's disgrace lasts for ever. 27The wise gains advancement by words, the shrewd wins favour from the great. 28Whoever til s the soil wil have a full harvest, whoever wins favour from the great wil secure pardon foroffences. 29Presents and gifts blind the eyes of the wise and stifle rebukes like a muzzle on the mouth. 30Wisdom concealed, and treasure undiscovered, what use is either of these? 31Better one who conceals his fol y than one who conceals his wisdom.
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