Ecclesiastes/Qohelet - 6


1I see another evil under the sun, which goes hard with people: 2suppose someone has received from God riches, property, honours -- nothing at al left to wish for; butGod does not give the chance to enjoy them, and some stranger enjoys them. This is futile, and grievoussuffering too. 3Or take someone who has had a hundred children and lived for many years, and, having reached oldage, has never enjoyed the good things of life and has not even got a tomb; it seems to me, a still-born child ishappier. 4In futility it came, into darkness it departs, and in darkness will its name be buried. 5It has never so much as seen or known the sun; al the same, it wil rest more easily than that person, 6who would never have known the good things of life, even by living a thousand years twice over. Do wenot al go to the same place in the end? 7Al toil is for the mouth, yet the appetite is never satisfied. 8What advantage has the wise over the fool? And what of the pauper who knows how to behave insociety? 9Better the object seen than the sting of desire: for the latter too is futile and chasing after the wind. 10What has been is already defined -- we know what people are: They cannot bring to justice one who isstronger than themselves. 11The more we say, the more futile it is: what good can we derive from it? 12And who knows what is best for someone during life, during the days of futile life which are spent like ashadow? Who can tel anyone what wil happen after him under the sun?
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