1It was then that Moses and the Israelites sang this song in Yahweh's honour: I shall sing to Yahweh,for he has covered himself in glory, horse and rider he has thrown into the sea. 2Yah is my strength and my song, to him I owe my deliverance. He is my God and I shal praise him,my father's God and I shal extol him. 3Yahweh is a warrior; Yahweh is his name. 4Pharaoh's chariots and army he has hurled into the sea the pick of his officers have been drowned inthe Sea of Reeds. 5The ocean has closed over them; they have sunk to the bottom like a stone. 6Your right hand, Yahweh, wins glory by its strength, your right hand, Yahweh, shatters your foes, 7and by your great majesty you fell your assailants; you unleash your fury, it consumes them like chaff. 8A blast from your nostrils and the waters piled high; the waves stood firm as a dyke; the bed of the seabecame firm ground. 9The enemy said, 'I shal give chase and overtake, 'I shal share out the spoil and glut myself on them, 'Ishall draw my sword, my hand wil destroy them.' 10You blew with your breath, the sea closed over them; they sank like lead in the terrible waters. 11Yahweh, who is like you, majestic in sanctity, who like you among the holy ones, fearsome of deed,worker of wonders? 12You stretched your right hand out, the earth swallowed them! 13In your faithful love you led out the people you had redeemed, in your strength you have guided themto your holy dwel ing. 14Hearing of this, the peoples tremble; pangs seize on the people of Philistia; 15the chieftains of Edom are dismayed, Moab's princes -- panic has seized them, all the inhabitants ofCanaan have melted away. 16On them fall terror and dread; through the power of your arm they are stil as stone while your peopleare passing, Yahweh, while the people you have purchased are passing. 17You wil bring them in and plant them on the mountain which is your heritage, the place which you,Yahweh, have made your dwel ing, the sanctuary, Yahweh, prepared by your own hands. 18Yahweh will be king for ever and ever. 19For when Pharaoh's cavalry, with his chariots and horsemen, had gone into the sea, Yahweh broughtthe waters of the sea back over them, though the Israelites went on dry ground right through the sea. 20The prophetess Miriam, Aaron's sister, took up a tambourine, and all the women fol owed her withtambourines, dancing, 21while Miriam took up from them the refrain: Sing to Yahweh, for he has covered himself in glory,horse and rider he has thrown into the sea. 22Moses led Israel away from the Sea of Reeds, and they entered the desert of Shur. They thentravel ed through the desert for three days without finding water. 23When they reached Marah, they could not drink the Marah water because it was bitter; this is why theplace was named Marah. 24The people complained to Moses saying, 'What are we to drink?' 25Moses appealed to Yahweh for help, and Yahweh showed him a piece of wood. When Moses threwit into the water, the water became sweet. There he laid down a statute and law for them and there he put themto the test. Then he said, 26'If you listen careful y to the voice of Yahweh your God and do what he regards as right, if you payattention to his commandments and keep al his laws, I shal never inflict on you any of the diseases that Iinflicted on the Egyptians, for I am Yahweh your Healer.' 27So they came to Elim where there were twelve springs and seventy palm trees; and there theypitched camp beside the water.
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