Ecclesiastes/Qohelet - 12


1Remember your Creator while you are still young, before the bad days come, before the years comewhich, you wil say, give you no pleasure; 2before the sun and the light grow dim and the moon and stars, before the clouds return after the rain; 3the time when your watchmen become shaky, when strong men are bent double, when the women,one by one, quit grinding, and, as they look out of the window, find their sight growing dim. 4When the street-door is kept shut, when the sound of grinding fades away, when the first cry of a birdwakes you up, when all the singing has stopped; 5when going uphil is an ordeal and you are frightened at every step you take- yet the almond tree is inflower and the grasshopper is weighed down and the caper-bush loses its tang; while you are on the way to youreverlasting home and the mourners are assembling in the street; 6before the silver thread snaps, or the golden bowl is cracked, or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,or the pul ey broken at the wel -head: 7the dust returns to the earth from which it came, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. 8Sheer futility, Qoheleth says, everything is futile. 9Besides being a sage, Qoheleth taught the people what he himself knew, having weighed, studied andemended many proverbs. 10Qoheleth took pains to write in an attractive style and by it to convey truths. 11The sayings of a sage are like goads, like pegs positioned by shepherds: the same shepherd finds ause for both. 12Furthermore, my child, you must realise that writing books involves endless hard work, and that muchstudy wearies the body. 13To sum up the whole matter: fear God and keep his commandments, for that is the duty of everyone. 14For God wil cal al our deeds to judgement, all that is hidden, be it good or bad.
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