1'You will make the altar of acacia wood, five cubits long and five cubits wide; the altar wil be squareand three cubits high. 2At its four corners you wil make horns, the horns must be of a piece with it, and you wil overlay it withbronze. 3And for it you will make pans for taking away the fatty ashes, and shovels, sprinkling basins, hooksand fire pans; you wil make al the altar accessories of bronze. 4You will also make a grating for it of bronze network, and on the four corners of the grating you wilmake four bronze rings. 5You will put it below the ledge of the altar, underneath, so that it comes halfway up the altar. 6You will make shafts for the altar, shafts of acacia wood and overlay them with bronze. 7The shafts wil be passed through the rings in such a way that the shafts are on either side of the altar,for carrying it. 8You will make the altar hol ow, out of boards; you wil make it as you were shown on the mountain. 9'Then you will make the court of the Dwelling. On the south side, the curtaining of the court must be offinely woven linen, one hundred cubits long (for the first side), 10its twenty poles and their twenty sockets being of bronze, and the poles' hooks and rods of silver. 11So too for the north side, there must be a hundred cubits of curtaining, its twenty poles and theirtwenty sockets being of bronze, and the poles' hooks and rods of silver. 12Across the width of the court, on the west side, there must be fifty cubits of curtaining, with its tenpoles and their ten sockets. 13The width of the court on the east side, facing the sunrise, must be fifty cubits, 14with fifteen cubits of curtaining on one side of the entrance, with its three poles and their threesockets, 15and on the other side of the entrance, fifteen cubits of curtaining, with its three poles and their threesockets; 16and for the gateway to the court there must be a twenty-cubit screen of finely woven linenembroidered with violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, with its four poles and their four sockets. 17Al the poles round the court must be connected by silver rods; their hooks must be of silver and theirsockets of bronze. 18The length of the court must be one hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits and its height five cubits. Althe curtaining must be made of finely woven linen, and their sockets of bronze. 19Al the accessories for general use in the Dwel ing, al its pegs and al the pegs of the court, must beof bronze. 20'You wil order the Israelites to bring you pure pounded olive oil for the light, and to keep a lampburning al the time. 21Aaron and his sons wil tend it in the Tent of Meeting, outside the curtain hanging in front of theTestimony, from dusk to dawn, before Yahweh. This is a perpetual decree for al generations of Israelites.'
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