2 Corinthians - 2


1I made up my mind, then, that my next visit to you would not be a painful one, 2for if I cause you distress I am causing distress to my only possible source of joy. 3Indeed, I wrote as I did precisely to spare myself distress when I visited you, from the very people whoshould have given me joy, in the conviction that for al of you my joy was yours too. 4I wrote to you in agony of mind, not meaning to cause you distress but to show you how very much loveI have for you. 5If anyone did cause distress, he caused it not to me, but -- not to exaggerate -- in some degree to al ofyou. 6The punishment already imposed by the majority was quite enough for such a person; 7and now by contrast you should forgive and encourage him all the more, or he may be overwhelmed bythe extent of his distress. 8That is why I urge you to give your love towards him definite expression. 9This was in fact my reason for writing, to test your quality and whether you are completely obedient. 10But if you forgive anybody, then I too forgive that person; and whatever I have forgiven, if there isanything I have forgiven, I have done it for your sake in Christ's presence, 11to avoid being outwitted by Satan, whose scheming we know only too well. 12When I came to Troas for the sake of the gospel of Christ and a door was opened for me there in theLord, 13I had no relief from anxiety, not finding my brother Titus there, and I said goodbye to them and wenton to Macedonia. 14But, thanks be to God who always gives us in Christ a part in his triumphal procession, and through usis spreading everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of himself. 15To God we are the fragrance of Christ, both among those who are being saved and among those whoare on the way to destruction; 16for these last, the smel of death leading to death, but for the first, the smel of life leading to life. Whois equal to such a task? 17At least we do not adulterate the word of God, as so many do, but it is in al purity, as envoys of Godand in God's presence, that we speak in Christ.
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