Nahum - 3


1Disaster to the city of blood, packed throughout with lies, stuffed with booty, where plundering has noend! 2The crack of the whip! The rumble of wheels! Gal oping horse, jolting chariot, 3charging cavalry, flashing swords, gleaming spears, a mass of wounded, hosts of dead, countlesscorpses; they stumble over corpses- 4because of the countless whorings of the harlot, the graceful beauty, the cunning witch, who enslavednations by her harlotries and tribes by her spells. 5Look, I am against you!- declares Yahweh Sabaoth- I shal lift your skirts as high as your face and showyour nakedness to the nations, your shame to the kingdoms. 6I shal pelt you with filth, I shal shame you and put you in the pil ory. 7Then al who look at you wil shrink from you and say, 'Nineveh has been ruined!' Who wil mourn forher? Where would I find people to comfort you? 8Are you better off than No-Amon situated among rivers, her defences the seas, her rampart the waters? 9In Ethiopia and Egypt lay her strength, and it was boundless; Put and the Libyans served in her army. 10But she too went into exile, into captivity; her little ones too were dashed to pieces at every crossroad;lots were drawn for her nobles, al her great men were put in chains. 11You too wil become drunk, you wil go into hiding; you too will have to search for a refuge from theenemy. 12Your fortifications are all fig trees, with early ripening figs: as soon as they are shaken, they fall intothe mouth of the eater. 13Look at your people: you are a nation of women! The gates of your country gape open to yourenemies; fire has devoured their bars! 14Draw yourselves water for the siege, strengthen your fortifications! Into the mud with you, puddle theclay, repair the brick-kiln! 15There the fire wil burn you up, the sword wil cut you down. Make yourselves as numerous as locusts,make yourselves as numerous as the hoppers, 16let your commercial agents outnumber the stars of heaven, 17your garrisons, like locusts, and your marshals, like swarms of hoppers! They settle on the wal s whenthe day is cold. The sun appears, the locusts spread their wings, they fly away,away they fly, no one knowswhere. Alas, 18your shepherds are asleep, king of Assyria, your bravest men slumber; your people are scattered onthe mountains with no one to gather them. 19There is no remedy for your wound, your injury is past healing. All who hear the news of you clap theirhands at your downfal . For who has not felt your unrelenting cruelty?
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