1'God of our ancestors, Lord of mercy, who by your word have made the universe, 2and in your wisdom have fitted human beings to rule the creatures that you have made, 3to govern the world in holiness and saving justice and in honesty of soul to dispense fair judgement, 4grant me Wisdom, consort of your throne, and do not reject me from the number of your children. 5For I am your servant, son of your serving maid, a feeble man, with little time to live, with smalunderstanding of justice and the laws. 6Indeed, were anyone perfect among the sons of men, if he lacked the Wisdom that comes from you, hewould still count for nothing. 7'You have chosen me to be king over your people, to be judge of your sons and daughters. 8You have bidden me build a temple on your holy mountain, and an altar in the city where you havepitched your tent, a copy of the holy Tent which you prepared at the beginning. 9With you is Wisdom, she who knows your works, she who was present when you made the world; sheunderstands what is pleasing in your eyes and what agrees with your commandments. 10Despatch her from the holy heavens, send her forth from your throne of glory to help me and to toilwith me and teach me what is pleasing to you; 11since she knows and understands everything she wil guide me prudently in my actions and wil protectme with her glory. 12Then al I do wil be acceptable, I shal govern your people justly and be worthy of my father's throne. 13'What human being indeed can know the intentions of God? And who can comprehend the wil of theLord? 14For the reasoning of mortals is inadequate, our attitudes of mind unstable; 15for a perishable body presses down the soul, and this tent of clay weighs down the mind with its many cares. 16It is hard enough for us to work out what is on earth, laborious to know what lies within our reach; who,then, can discover what is in the heavens? 17And who could ever have known your will, had you not given Wisdom and sent your holy Spirit fromabove? 18Thus have the paths of those on earth been straightened and people have been taught what pleasesyou, and have been saved, by Wisdom.'
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