1[Song of Ascents] Yahweh, remember David and al the hardships he endured, 2the oath he swore to Yahweh, his vow to the Mighty One of Jacob: 3'I wil not enter tent or house, wil not climb into bed, 4will not al ow myself to sleep, not even to close my eyes, 5til I have found a place for Yahweh, a dwel ing for the Mighty One of Jacob!' 6Listen, we heard of it in Ephrathah, we found it at Forest-Fields. 7Let us go into his dwel ing-place, and worship at his footstool. 8Go up, Yahweh, to your resting-place, you and the ark of your strength. 9Your priests are robed in saving justice, your faithful are shouting for joy. 10For the sake of your servant David, do not reject your anointed. 11Yahweh has sworn to David, and wil always remain true to his word, 'I promise that I wil set a sonof yours upon your throne. 12If your sons observe my covenant and the instructions I have taught them, their sons too forevermore wil occupy your throne.' 13For Yahweh has chosen Zion, he has desired it as a home. 14'Here shal I rest for evermore, here shal I make my home as I have wished. 15'I shal generously bless her produce, give her needy their fil of food, 16I shal clothe her priests with salvation, and her faithful wil sing aloud for joy. 17'There I shal raise up a line of descendants for David, light a lamp for my anointed; 18I shal clothe his enemies with shame, while his own crown shall flourish.'
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