1Yahweh spoke to Moses and said: 2'Give these orders to Aaron and his sons: "This is the ritual for the burnt offering (that is, the burntoffering that stays on the altar brazier al night until morning and is consumed by the altar fire). 3"The priest wil put on his linen tunic and put his linen drawers on to cover himself. He wil then removethe fatty ashes of the burnt offering consumed by the altar fire and put them at the side of the altar. 4He wil then take off his clothes, put on others and carry the ashes to a clean place outside the camp. 5"The fire on the altar that consumes the burnt offering must not be allowed to go out. Every morning thepriest wil make it up with wood, arranging the burnt offering on it and burning the fat from the communionsacrifices. 6The fire must always be burning on the altar; it must never go out. 7'This is the ritual for the cereal offering: "One of the descendants of Aaron wil bring it into Yahweh'spresence in front of the altar, 8wil take a handful of the wheaten flour (with the oil and al the incense which have been added to it) andburn the memorial on the altar as a smel pleasing to Yahweh; 9and Aaron and his sons wil eat the remainder in the form of unleavened loaves. They will eat it insidethe holy place, in the court of the Tent of Meeting. 10The portion I give them of the food burnt for me must not be baked with leaven; it is especial y holy,like the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of reparation. 11Al male descendants of Aaron are entitled to eat this portion of the food burnt for Yahweh (this is aperpetual law for al your descendants) and anyone who touches it wil become holy." ' 12Yahweh spoke to Moses and said: 13'This is the offering that Aaron and his sons must make to Yahweh on the day they are anointed: one-tenth of an ephah of wheaten flour as a perpetual cereal offering, half in the morning and half in the evening. 14It wil be prepared on the griddle and mixed with oil; you wil bring the paste as a cereal offering inseveral pieces, offering them as a smel pleasing to Yahweh. 15When one of his sons is anointed priest to succeed him, he wil do the same. This is a perpetual law.'The entire cereal offering wil be burnt for Yahweh. 16Every cereal offering made by a priest wil be a total sacrifice; none of it wil be eaten.' 17Yahweh spoke to Moses and said, 18'Speak to Aaron and his sons and say: "This is the ritual for the sacrifice for sin: "The victim must beslaughtered before Yahweh on the spot where the burnt offerings are slaughtered. It is especially holy. 19The priest who offers this sacrifice wil eat it. It wil be eaten inside the holy place, in the court of theTent of Meeting. 20Everything touching the victim's meat wil become holy, and if any of the blood splashes on clothing,the stain will be washed off inside the holy place. 21The earthenware vessel in which the meat is cooked must be broken; if a bronze vessel has beenused for the cooking, it must be scrubbed and thoroughly rinsed with water. 22Any male who is a priest may eat the sacrifice. It is especial y holy. 23But no one may eat any of the victims offered for sin, the blood of which has been taken into the Tentof Meeting to make expiation inside the sanctuary. These must be burnt." '
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