1Mighty in war was Joshua son of Nun, successor to Moses in the prophetic office, who well deservedhis name, and was a great saviour of the chosen people, wreaking vengeance on the enemies who opposedhim, and so bringing Israel into its inheritance. 2How splendid he was when, arms uplifted, he brandished his sword against cities! 3Who had ever shown such determination as his? He himself led the battles of the Lord. 4Was not the sun held back by his hand, and one day drawn out into two? 5He called on the Most High, the Mighty One, while pressing the enemies from all directions, and thegreat Lord answered him with hard and violent hailstones. 6He fel on that enemy nation, and at the Descent destroyed al resistance to make the nationsacknowledge his warlike prowess and that he was waging war on behalf of the Lord. 7For he was a fol ower of the Mighty One, in the time of Moses showing his devotion, he and Caleb sonof Jephunneh, by opposing the whole community, by preventing the people from sinning, and by silencing themutters of rebel ion. 8Hence these two alone were preserved out of six hundred thousand men on the march, and broughtinto their inheritance, into a land where milk and honey flow. 9And the Lord conferred strength on Caleb too, which stayed by him into old age, so that he could investthe highlands of the country which his descendants kept as their inheritance, 10so that every Israelite might see that it is good to fol ow the Lord. 11The Judges too, each when he was cal ed, all men whose hearts were never disloyal, who neverturned their backs on the Lord -- may their memory be blessed! 12May their bones flourish again from the tomb, and may the names of those il ustrious men be worthilyborne by their sons! 13Samuel was the beloved of his Lord; prophet of the Lord, he instituted the kingdom, and anointedrulers over his people. 14By the Law of the Lord he judged the assembly, and the Lord watched over Jacob. 15By his loyalty he was recognised as a prophet, by his words he was known to be a trustworthy seer. 16He cal ed on the Lord, the Mighty One, when his enemies pressed in from all directions, by offering asucking lamb. 17And the Lord thundered from heaven, and made his voice heard in a rolling peal; 18he massacred the leaders of the enemy, and all the rulers of the Philistines. 19Before the time of his everlasting rest he bore witness to the Lord and his anointed, 'Of no property,not even a pair of sandals, have I ever deprived a soul.' Nor did anyone accuse him. 20And, having fal en asleep, he prophesied again, warning the king of his end; he spoke from the depthsof the earth in prophecy, to blot out the wickedness of the people.
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