1The fol owing things you should not be ashamed of, and do not sin from fear of what others think: 2of the Law of the Most High or of the covenant, of a verdict that acquits the godless, 3of keeping accounts with a travelling companion, of settling property on your friends, 4of being accurate over scales and weights, of making small and large profits, 5of gaining from commercial transactions, of disciplining your children strictly, of lashing a wicked slavetill you draw blood. 6With an interfering wife, it is as wel to use your seal, and where there are many hands, lock things up. 7Whatever stores you issue, do it by number and weight, spendings and takings, put everything inwriting. 8Do not be ashamed to correct a stupid person or a fool, or an old dotard who bickers with youngpeople. Then you wil show yourself real y educated and win the approval of everyone. 9Unknown to her, a daughter keeps her father awake, the worry she gives him drives away his sleep: inher youth, in case she never marries, married, in case she should be disliked, 10as a virgin, in case she should be defiled and found with child in her father's house, having a husband,in case she goes astray, married, in case she should be sterile! 11Your daughter is headstrong? Keep a sharp look-out that she does not make you the laughing-stock ofyour enemies, the talk of the town, the object of common gossip, and put you to public shame. 12Do not stare at any man for his good looks, do not sit down with women; 13for moth comes out of clothes, and woman's spite out of woman. 14Better a man's spite than a woman's kindness: women give rise to shame and reproach. 15Next, I shal remind you of the works of the Lord, and tel of what I have seen. By the words of the Lordhis works come into being and all creation obeys his wil . 16The shining sun looks down on al things, and the work of the Lord is full of his glory. 17The Lord has not granted the Holy Ones the power to tell of all his marvels which the Almighty Lordhas solidly constructed for the universe to stand firm in his glory. 18He has fathomed both the abyss and the human heart and seen into their devious ways; for the MostHigh knows all there is to know and sees the signs of the times. 19He declares what is past and what wil be, and reveals the trend of hidden things. 20Not a thought escapes him, not a single word is hidden from him. 21He has embellished the magnificent works of his wisdom, he is from everlasting to everlasting, nothingcan be added to him, nothing taken away, he needs no one's advice. 22How lovely, all his works, how dazzling to the eye! 23They all live and last for ever, and, whatever the circumstances, al obey. 24Al things go in pairs, by opposites, he has not made anything imperfect: 25one thing complements the excel ence of another. Who could ever grow tired of gazing at his glory?
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